October 27, 2021

Zoctr : One touch to healthcare at your door step

Healthcare in India is a flourishing sector. Services have become accessible to millions of people because our industry is now becoming technology-savvy. Zoctr Healthcare Network is a first of its kind PAN India home and telehealthcare company which provides comprehensive home based medical health services. These services include  long term Intensive Care, Chronic Care & Wellness, Corporate Wellness and Health Check-up program. Their application called Zoctr is available on IOS and Google Play Store and it provides health services at your door step in just one touch. Lets know more about this revolutionary application.


I downloaded the application on my iPhone and it required my phone number to register  to the application. It sent an OTP (one time password) and that was all that was required.

Zoctr : One touch to healthcare at your door step

Zoctr : One touch to healthcare at your door step

The application gets access to your location and you can choose the following services :

Zoctr : One touch to healthcare at your door step

  • Nurse/Carer
  • Baby Care
  • Doctor
  • Physio
  • Equipment

Zoctr : One touch to healthcare at your door step

The interface also gives you the above options to look at you bookings and payments.

Features of the application :

  • You can book qualified, skilled and verified Homecare Nurses, Attendants, Doctors, Physiotherapists and Medical Equipments in a few simple steps.
  • It finds your location using in-built GPS and instantly match with hundred of verified medical professionals meeting your requirements.
  • Gets real-time confirmations with detailed staff profiles
  • Patient Assessment and Screening Visits can be scheduled on the go.
  • You can manage your Bookings including Renew, Hold and Stop bookings on the go.
  • One can save and manage multiple patient profiles for self and family members.
  • Staff can be tracked real-time on a daily basis using in-built GPS tracking.
  • Daily staff attendance, rating, escalate issues immediately using support.
  • Online payments can be made using payment gateway and digital wallets.

What’s New

· Real-time location identification and staff tracking using in-built GPS

How to download

This application can be downloaded on IOS and ANDROID devices.

Isn’t this a revolutionary application to provide healthcare at your door step ? Download now to avail the services.

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27 thoughts on “Zoctr : One touch to healthcare at your door step

  1. Oh wow technology is amazing. This sounds like it’s super useful for getting help when you’re sick without the inconvenience of going to the doctor.

  2. I use a similar service for phone consultations that saves us a lot of time. This seems even better since you actually get to see someone. It’s amazing how much technology changes the way we do things.

  3. Technolgy nowadays is very important in many aspects of our life. This Zoctr Healthcare Application is really amazing and very useful app.

  4. This app sounds very interesting and helpful for many people. I heard many apps who provide medical services at your home. But havent try any. Will try this one soon. Thanks for sharing detailed information about this.

  5. This sound like a great app.. though I am someone who always explored apps never tried health related app..This is a great initiative

  6. I recently needed services of a physiotherapist for my daughter who is recovering from a major fracture. It was a bit time-consuming finding someone close by as well as with good recommendation… An app like this will surely make it easier

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