October 22, 2021

You are responsible for your own happiness

You are responsible for your own happiness

I spoke about keeping our expectations from others low in my previous post. This post talks about how to stay happy and not depend upon others for your happiness. There are so many of us who feel I would be happy if my spouse does this or I will be content if my child achieves that. What happens when our wish is not fulfilled? We dwell in sadness.

Y for You ! The only one responsible for your happiness

You are the only responsible for your own happiness. When you take the responsibility of your own happiness, you stop blaming others for their actions. You have no control over the actions of others but you can make efforts to to do something that makes you happy. Instead of giving the power to someone else, take it in your own hands. Do what makes you happy. Dance, read, write, go out and live your life to the fullest. You have the ability to control your own emotions and reacting to situations in a particular way. Do not let things that are out of your control affect you.

Look at yourself in the mirror

The next time you are looking for someone to make you happy, look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself, that you are one and only one responsible for our happiness. You cannot be happy all the time but remember that that should not stop you from living the beautiful joys of life.

As parents, do not put the burden of our happiness on your children. Let them have a life of their own. If you do so, you are added extra pressure on your little one to achieve something he or she might not be interested in.

You are responsible for your own happiness

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