October 22, 2021

Why am I a Vegetarian?


Why am I a vegetarian?

I have been asked this question way too many times. Mostly while I was  doing my post grad and the college mess served chicken every Sunday. They segregated vegetarians from non vegetarians into different rooms. I ate with my vegetarian friends while the others relished their weekly meal. I was always told that I was missing something in life. And that I am doing no good to anyone by refusing to eat animals. A few years later my trainer at gym tried to convince me to start eating meat to get my portion of protein. But why? Does only meat contain protein?

V for Vegetarian

I was born in a brahmin family. And of course we never ate meat or eggs. There are a few days of the year when we don’t even eat onion or garlic. I left home to work when I was 21 and till date, non-vegetarian food has not tempted me. Though the thought of her daughter eating chicken or fish would make my mother nauseated (and break all her ties with me), I am a vegetarian by choice. 

How do I get enough protein?

From legumes, soya, paneer, milk etc. There are many dishes that an be made using these and this is enough for my body.

Vegan or vegetarian?

This is a misconception about vegetarians. Vegans are the ones who do not eat animals or their by products like  milk and eggs. I am a vegetarian and not a vegan.

This is my choice and I hate being judged for it. I am not asking anyone to change their diet. I just want them to accept that there are people who do not wish to eat meat ! Lets respect each others choices. And stop judging each other. Lets all eat in peace now 🙂


How is this related to parenting? Because so many people tell me to start giving chicken to my son because they feel that my choice of food is not giving him full nutrition. And I have to tell these people that there are millions of children who grew up on a vegetarian diet and are doing great health wise. 

This blog is a part of my series on A-Z of Parenting, Unlearn the Alphabets after becoming parents and Blogchatter AtoZ. 

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