August 11, 2022

Seven ways to get your energy back after the baby

Becoming a mother can be the most overwhelming experience of your life. It also is the most challenging one. All of a sudden you need to take care of a small human being who is dependent on you for all his basic needs and you are left with no energy. It becomes so difficult to be available 24*7 and that takes a toll on your own mental and physical health. Especially when your postpartum hormones are raging, and you need to cope up with your new body image and sleep deprivation. I went through the same when my baby was born though I had all the help from my mom. There was a time when I felt that my identity has been stolen. It took six months for me to establish a routine for myself to save my sanity. I wanted to share seven things which helped me get my groove back. Here is something for you new mamas !

1. Establish a daily routine, focussing on small goals









Babies love routine from the day one. Unpredictability makes them fussy and confused. Accordingly set a routine for yourself keeping baby’s tasks in mind. Keep your goals simple and try out new things at baby’s nap times. The idea is to give you maximum time for you to work on yourself and finishing the daily chores on time.

2. Spend sometime doing what you love

We all have our own stress busters. Some love cooking and others reading. Pick what you loved doing before having the baby and try to take out at least 20 minutes in a day to do that. I started working out for 30 minutes and trust me those 30 minutes helped me go through the day peacefully. I became more patient with the baby and his dad.

3. Get dressed and put on some makeup

I am not a makeup expert. Nor I love wearing makeup everyday. But taking a shower and getting dressed in nice clothes literally changes my mind and body. You might want to stay in PJs all day but dressing up uplifts your mood. It also makes you feel attractive and gets your energy back.

4. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

You are not a super woman and you will not do everything right all the time. So do not feel bad if you make mistakes. You would also want to lose that baby weight and get your pre-baby body back. It took nine months for you to grow the baby, you cannot lose the weight overnight. Set realistic expectation to lose weight and stick to your goals.

5. Bond with other mommies

This is a life saviour. Trust me on that. I used to ping my mommy friends every now and then to clear my doubts. Connecting with other mommies helps you increase your knowledge about parenting and learn from each others’ experiences.

6. Go out on a date

With your husband or your girlfriends. It changes the surroundings for you and at the same time gives you a little break from your routine. It will make you feel relaxed and energised to go back to your duties.

7. Ask for help

It wont hurt you much to ask for help once in a while if you feel things are getting out of control. Ask for help from family and friends. Getting help can give you time for yourself. Remember, you cannot take care of the baby if you don’t take care of yourself first

49 thoughts on “Seven ways to get your energy back after the baby

  1. Loved the post Anchal, getting back to earlier shape and mind is really necessary for happy healthy mom. My fav are spending girl time and put some make-up and rock πŸ˜‰

  2. Aanchal the last point is really important! somehow we try and work up ourselves. we must learn to let go and ask for help as much as we can get in those days

  3. Lovely tips. I did follow some of those when I was the mum of a little baby 13 years ago. It took me a while before getting there, though! Life lessons come in so many ways!

  4. I guess we moms know what is best for us. But get so much into baby raising , that we forget about ourselves. With time we realise could have done things differently. I always feel I could have been calmer and should not hv been so overwhelmed after my daughter was born today after 8 years.

  5. anchal.. we think so alike yaa
    the main reason i love your writeups, it feels u are echoing my heart here.
    totally agree we need to get back to ourelves healthy n happy

  6. Taking time out for myself is what is keeping me sane till now. Lovely blog with some really helpful tips.

  7. We think so much alike Anchal. I have done all the points with both my post pregnancy days and it really helps a lot. My favorite has always been taking time out for myself and connecting with friends. It had always helped me with getting over the stress and exertion. .

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