March 29, 2023

Ways to help your child settle in Preschool

kid settle at preschool

As I mentioned before, this week I will be talking about Ayu’s school and our experience about this major milestone. In this blog, I am sharing a few tips on ways to get your child settle in preschool. In my previous blog, I shared how to choose the right preschool for your little one.

When Ayu started school, he went for one hour for a month. The next month it was increased to two. The normal school timings were 9 AM to 12.30 PM. So it took a while to get him to stay in the school for the full time. I never accompanied him in the classroom. But I stayed close by. I used to drop him to school and stay at a park close to his school. I worked sitting at a bench outside while Ayu stayed at the school. After the summer break in June, the school timings were extended and now he stays at school till 1 PM. 

How Ayu finally settled at school 

After almost ten months since we started school, I can finally say that Ayu has settled. He wants to stay at home especially after he goes to school after a few holidays, but he goes to school anyway. There have been lots of crying and yelling at drop offs. The initial few months were too challenging. Ayu was always comfortable at the school, and that is why we were okay with his crying at dropoff. Initially, he got close to a helper at school and always stayed around her all the time. And then his awareness about the surroundings increased, he started playing with toys, started interacting with the teacher and so on. I cannot blame him because there were too many changes for him to adapt and we were expecting too much from our little boy. I started working around the same time he started school. And his father started staying away for work after a few months. And then suddenly he started staying away from months together, and everything took a toll on the little one.

Then there were lots of school breaks ever since he started. There was winter break in December. Later Aye started getting sick a lot and that kept him from going to school too. He had a two months long summer break from April till June. And when he started going back in July, it felt like we were starting all over again. To add to our worries, his favorite teacher left the school after the summer break. It took a month to get him settled back and finally now in September, it feels like he is well settled. He has made friends, he loves the daily routine, he has become a lot more independent. TOUCHWOOD.

Tips for Parents

If your child is starting pre-school soon, here are a few things which helped us in getting Ayu settled. Please, not that all kids are different. And it’s possible that your child gets settled in a  week itself. I know kids of Ayu’s age who love going to school even on holidays.

Start preparing them for school: Visit the school with your child at least twice before starting to send him to school. Talk to him about school and create excitement about it. There are various books about pre-school and you may read these to your child. We have this one from Ladybird.

Stay strong: This is most important for all parents, especially mothers. Your goodbyes should be happy. Kids sense your emotions, and if you stay happy and confident, eventually they will. Kids get settled to the new environment very quickly, in fact, sooner than the adults. If the child cries a lot when the mother drops him, the father should take the responsibility to drop off.

Stay consistent: Do not let the child skip school. From July onwards Ayu started showing a lot of drama as soon as it was time to get ready and leave for school. I did not give in to his tantrums and eventually, he understood that school is a part of his day and whatever tantrums he throws, he has to go to school.

Good communication: Take feedback about the child’s behavior every week when the child has just started school. Eventually, when the child gets settled, you can talk to the teachers once in a while. Also, get involved with the child and ask him/her about the day at school. 

Kids will fall ill: And to avoid that, make sure you feed them healthy food. They must get proper sleep. And stay hygienic. Wash their hands frequently. Follow a healthy routine even on the weekends, so that it’s easier to send the child to school on Monday again.

Preschool is an amazing way to start a kid’s education. This is a life-changing moment, as well as a milestone for both the parent and child. A preschool has the benefits that home can’t offer and you will definitely see this when you child starts his pre-school 🙂

What helped to get your child to settle in his/her pre-school? Share your valuable tips in the comments 🙂

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