October 22, 2021

U for Ultrasound #blogchatterA2Z


Though ultrasound is not a part of parenting per say but I think the parenting emotions begin as soon as we hear our child’s heart beat the first time. There are many ultrasounds these days to keep a track of the baby’s health and growth.

U for Ultrasound

The first ultrasound is always special. There so many emotions which engulf a mother while she is lying down on the table. She silently prays that all is well and her own heart beats faster than ever. 4D ultrasound is a new technology these days. I saw my son in 4D and smiling. Trust me, it swept my world. You can read more about my experience HERE

There many thoughts about having too many ultrasounds during pregnancy. Some say that it is an ordeal for a pregnant mother, whereas others think it is necessary to keep a check on the baby’s development.

For all the pregnant mothers reading this, do not hesitate in asking your doubts from your technician or gynaecologist. It is better to get your questions answered from them rather than dwelling in stress.


This blog is a part of my series on A-Z of Parenting, Unlearn the Alphabets after becoming parents and Blogchatter AtoZ. 


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