October 22, 2021

Toyroom – Goki Bead Coaster : Review

Toyroom Toys - Goki Bead Coaster : Review

Toys are kids’ best friends. But what if these toys aided in their development? Wouldn’t that be great for us parents and the kids? We received a Bead Coaster from Toyroom and we absolutely adore it.


This online toys portal was an initiative of parents who wanted to bring high quality imported toys to India. They offer amazing brands such as : Goki, Anker, Heimess, Holtztiger and Peggy Diggledey. Their toys are great resources for long hours of fun and creative play. They are extremely open ended and allow for multiple learning opportunities. They also help in developing fine motor skills, promoting role play, providing great sensorial learning and enhancing memory and cognitive skills.

Toyroom Toys - Goki Bead Coaster : Review
Always love such hand written notes 🙂

Goki Bead Coaster

This educational toy stimulates kids through every stage and develops their natural abilities. The toy is made of metal and wood. It has colourful beads which attract the attention of the kid and swoop and slide along the coaster wires. The toy has a sturdy wooden base.

Skills that it promotes :

Fine Motor SkillsThis is the co-ordination of the small muscle groups.

Sensory skills : These involve the stimulation of the senses like seeing, touching, tasking etc.

Memory and cognitive skills  :These are associated with learning and problem solving.

STEM :This method of learning involves more of hands on learning by problem solving and critical thinking.

Toyroom - Goki Bead Coaster : Review

Present Play Time

Bead Coaster is the all time favourite of teachers and doctors because it gives open ended play time and learning for kids.

Hand Eye co-ordination

When Baby A moves the beads along the wires, it challenges his hands and eye coordination and a a result enhances this skill.

Introduction to shapes

This toy has beads of various shapes, thus helps in introduction of different types of shapes in a single toy.

Attractive Colours

The beads and wires are of attractive colours. These colours are 100% safe for the kids.

Pincer grip

When Baby A tries to move the beads around, he is learning how to master his pincer grip. This is very important to promote pre-writing skills.

Toyroom - Goki Bead Coaster : Review

How I intend to use this toy for learning in the future 

Colour and Shape recognition

One Baby A learns all these shapes and colours, I would make him identify the same,


Can be helpful in teaching directions like up, down, left right.

Understanding Numbers

This would be a great toy to help understand the numbers. Can be used to teach counting.

Memory and cognitive skills

I would create a pattern and ask my kid to memorise it. Would change it, and ask him to create the same pattern. It is a great way to develop memory and cognitive skills.

Toyroom - Goki Bead Coaster : Review

Why we like it


It is a safe toy because it does not have any kind of loose or small parts. The beads are made of wood which has a natural sanitising property. The colours used are safe.

Attention Grabber

I give this toy to play for sometime everyday and I love how Baby A plays with it differently every time. The attractive colours grab his attention.


My son is quite mobile right now and so dropped the coaster so many times. But it is highly durable and I know will stay put for a long time.

Attention Span

Babies have a very short attention span. Open ended toys like this help increasing this span. I have noticed that he tries to move the beads along the wires and sometimes spends a long time to catch hold of a single bead. He has never given so much attention to any toy till now.

Easy to clean

The wooden material is so easy to clean. Just need to wipe it with a warm cloth and its done.

Final Thoughts

We are loving this bead coster right now. It helps a lot in keeping Baby A engaged for a good amount of time. I would love to introduce complex bead coasters in the future. But till then, this one is going to be our good friend.

You can buy this bead coaster here

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60 thoughts on “Toyroom – Goki Bead Coaster : Review

  1. This is a amazing learning tool for kids. What i like about this bead coaster is that its not the conventional one wherein the beads just move horizontally or vertically.

  2. Love the colourful educational toy Goki Beads Coaster from Toyroom love the so many learning and personal development benefits of this toy plus wooden makes it healthy and safe together

  3. This toy really impress me through its shape and design. It can be great idea to teach little toddlers about many things using this toy. Very creatively made up. Worth to buy for little buddies

  4. Toys that help children learn as well as entertain them are the best. This is a classic that is still popular.

  5. This looks like a super fun toy.. I have plans to collect such creative toys for my shoot.. since it’s colourfuls kids wil surely get attracted

  6. I love those cute, colourful toys. They are really funny and kids could learn and grow while playing with them. The games are quite simple but they contain many essential skills. Thanks for your post! It’s very detail and informative.

  7. I love bead mazes like this and had one for my kids! They’re a little older and not interested in it any longer, but I still buy these as gifts for all the babies in the family!

  8. This is a great toy for someone your babies age for so many reasons. My kids love to play with these when they go to the doctors offices. They are memorized at following the beads along the maze.

  9. I love how many challenges this little toy throws on a young child. Thats its so well thought through with so many skills to learn and enjoy

  10. Absolutely, we love toys, but toys that are educational, that are sensory or develop fine motor skills, stimulate the mind, etc are what I’m drawn to. My 4 year old still loves to play with something similar to this and it’s fascinating to watch her focus.


  11. I have this toy shortlisted from some time now. Thank you so much for this elaborate and informative post. Such pieces and feedbacks ensure that what you’re buying for your children is beneficial for them. 🙂 cheers!

  12. I love these types of toys! They are bright and help so much with the hand-eye coordination. Perfect for the new learners

  13. Before my daughters were born a bead coaster was one of the first wooden toys I invested in. The one they had was really large and tall. The size shown here is perfect for taking to Grandma’s house, and for travel. Such a fun toy for the little ones!

  14. The toy from toyroom sounds amazing . As per the pictures the little one is enjoying and totally engaged in them. Will get these soon. Thanks for sharing

  15. I have always had simple toys like this available for my kids. It is amazing how they always could spend so much time playing with them. They are very sturdy and durable which is great for a good toy.

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