March 29, 2023

Seven Tips to Stay Fit During Winter


The last blog of this this year is about something I am going to talk a lot about in the next year : Fitness ! Winters are here and so is our tendency to munch upon our favourite foods to keep ourselves warm. I personally loved winters while I stayed in the North. Because it was easy to cover up my flab with winter clothes 🙂 But what I did not realise, that the fat will be very much visible in summer months. Therefore, to get the fit summer body , one needs to start working out from winters itself. I know the excuses not to workout in winters are way too many. But to get the prize, you need to get rid of these excuses.

I attended the launch of Cloud Nine hospital in Chandigarh last month where Ms Shilpa Shetty was the chief guest. We all adore her fitness levels, don’t we? She mentioned that our body metabolism is at a very high rate during winter. This is because our body is working very hard to keep up the inside temperature. If we add a few workouts in our schedule, it will help a lot in shedding away the excess fat and help us become fit. We must also try to detox our bodies a few times in a month.

How to stay fit this winter

Seven Tips to Stay Fit During Winter

1) Don’t skip the warm up before a workout. If you are going for an outdoor workout (running, jogging etc), try to do a small warm up session indoor.

2) Keep a food journal. We tend to eat more during holidays and festivities. And thus, it becomes  more important to keep a track of those mounting calories.

3) Start working out indoors. If the outside chill scares you, workout indoors. Some exercises mainly bodyweight exercises such as planks, burpees are even better than running outside.

4) Try to avoid early morning and late evening outdoor workouts. The pollution levels are crazy at those times. Try to workout when the Sun is out.

5) Get a gym membership. If working inside the house isn’t an option, get a gym membership.

6) Try to get better sleep. It will keep your winter blues at bay. And also help you to get good rest and improve your immunity.

7) Buddy Workouts. Buddy up with a friend for working out. That way you will be motivated to sweat it out.

Happy Winter to you. Stay fit 🙂

Seven Tips to Stay Fit During Winter

This post is a part of The Winter Express – Blog Train hosted by Minakshi, Shubhada and Amrit. Thanking Nisha for introducing me to this train. This train moves to Krisha next ! Happy Reading !

26 thoughts on “Seven Tips to Stay Fit During Winter

  1. I either need to start working out or take a gym membership now .. thanks for an informative post and all ur lovely tips.

  2. Winter is the best season to start working out for lazy people like me…the weather is pretty conducive. Thanks for the awesome tips. Motivating!

  3. Winter really postpones our plans to stay fit. We need to push ourselves to get out of the blanket or keep that cup of coffee down. These are some useful tips to continue the fitness journey.

  4. I need to lose weight but I sometimes feel 24 hours are not enough. Thanks for the motivation, Anchal. Will try to include your tips in my day-to-day life.

  5. Great post! I just signed up for the gym on Saturday and had my first workout. It was refreshing to get back in the gym. Definitely putting major focus on my health this year.

  6. Winter is the hardest time for my to stay in shape! It is just too easy to stay home and be cozy. I need to start keeping a food journal to hold myself accountable. I also love the buddy system idea as well!

  7. The outside DEFINITELY scares me during the winter! It is so icy around here, I can barely walk without falling on my face, so I can’t imagine running! Working out inside is basically my only option… unless I want to be like the crazy people I work with who bike to work!!

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