October 22, 2021

The Moms Co : love without compromise, product reviews

I am going to review some lovely products from The Moms Co to review. Knowing that a brand is preparing its products keeping your needs and safety in mind makes you feel extra special. I had a conversation with a marketing professional from the company who explained the idea of conception of each of the product. And I loved how the smallest concerns of expecting moms were taken care of. I decided to review the body wash, foot cream and stretch oil. The package came with this hand written note, that steals your heart right away.

About The Moms Co

This brand was curated by Malika Sadani because she couldn’t find any safe, natural and toxin free products for her herself and her first born. All the products are made after giving utmost importance to the safety of the mama and the baby. These products are Australia Certified Toxin free and made safely from all natural ingredients. The products are not tested on animals.Β  More information regarding the formulation and testing process can be read here.

Natural Body wash

the moms co

This body wash is a toxin free combination of coconut based mild cleansers and natural moisturisers (Pro Vit B5). It contains ginger essential oil to combat morning sickness and orange essential oil to which lifts up the mood.

Price : Rs 348 for 200ml

TMS review and rating:

I love the supple and moisturised skin after the shower. It leaves a beautiful fragrance post shower but it fades away soon. When I first tried this body wash, my skin felt a little dry but gradually it adjusted to these ingredients and now my skin doesn’t feel dry even if i skip the moisturiser. I love the supple and moisturised skin after the shower.

4/5 ( The beautiful aroma fades away soon after the shower)

I feel this range is a great option for gifting. These three products are my personal favourite right now, thus, I highly recommend them. Never compromise when it comes to you or your baby.

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35 thoughts on “The Moms Co : love without compromise, product reviews

  1. The name of this brand itself is very exciting. I love the fact that they have addressed the needs of expecting mums. I am surely going to try some of these products.

  2. Reading a lot about moms Co nowadays. Didn’t have anything like this 9 years back ,only if I would not have faced the problems of itchy skin during that time.

  3. Such promising products! I just received their Tea and excited to try it. Love that their products are well thought through and are super safe for moms to be and new moms. I find them ideal gifts for my friends who are expecting!

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