October 22, 2021

W for Why : The Power of Asking Why !

asking why

Parents always worry about the well being of their babies. And it is fair because the babies cannot convey what they are feeling and all they can do is cry. I have seen many parents hesitate in calling their health care providers whenever a health condition prevails thinking that it shall pass. But why should we wait when it concerns the health of our little ones?

W for Why?

There are many resources for parents these days. Obviously the doctors should be the first point of information. Every doctor has a different approach to a sick child. Some prescribe a long list of medicines to cure the illness while other wait it out and see if the condition improves by itself. There are many doctors who rush into prescribing antibiotics all the time. Here is where being an informed parent helps. We must never hesitate in asking why ! Why a particular medicine is prescribed? What would be the side effects if any? All your doubts should be cleared before your leave the hospital and if your still have some questions unanswered, do get your answers soon.

The Power of Asking Why !

‘Why’ is an important question in our day to day lives too. Asking this question to ourselves helps us creating a better list of goals and focussing on what is right. Why am I doing this? Why did I choose one thing over the other? We need to prioritise our tasks and spend time doing important ones first. I became a blogger after I entered motherhood and often I ask myself why I became a blogger? What do I wish to achieve from this profession. How will add to my personal growth. Asking ‘why’ can change your life and make it more meaningful.

asking why

This blog is a part of my series on A-Z of Parenting, Unlearn the Alphabets after becoming parents and Blogchatter AtoZ. 

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