October 27, 2021

The Changes that a baby brings in your life

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I read somewhere that there are two stages in life – BB- Before Baby and AB- After Baby. This is true for all the new parents. Everyday is a celebration with the baby and his each milestone is like an achievement for yourself. Here are some of the changes that have happened in my life after Ayu became a part of it.

1.  You respect your parents more than ever. Especially your mother.

2.  Everyday is a new challenge. My efforts to bring out the churlish smile on Ayu’s face or to make him sleep on one day fail to work their magic on the next.

3.  You start respecting and marvelling your body because you realise that it is capable of making human beings. Also the whole process of child birth adds to the new found respect.

4.  All of a sudden, you’re filled with immense love. Your love knows no boundaries.

5.  You start cherishing the little things in life which were insignificant before having the baby. 

6.  “Will be out in ten minutes” is actually thirty minutes to one hour. Earlier I used to get ready in fifteen minutes. Now as soon as the baby and I are ready, there is a poop explosion followed by change of clothes and another bath for the him. Getting his diaper bag ready takes more time than reaching the destination.

7.  There is no “me” time.

8.  The baby is your new alarm clock. My husband and I have not put alarms on our phones since Ayu was born.

9.  You want to live your childhood again.

10.  You can’t see your baby in pain. His pain feels worse than your own. Sometimes I secretly pray to God to let him be relieved of the pain and let me go through his pain.

11.  You can’t watch horror movies anymore. and for a horror movie buff like me, I am still trying to explain why is it so.

12.  You start looking at the bigger picture in life.

13.   Discussions about poop with your friends somehow becomes a normal conversation.

14.  You lose your old friend circle and your mommy friends become your new friends.

15.  You are ready to make any kind of sacrifices for your child.

16.  You would pick clothes for your baby instead of buying the handbag you’ve been eyeing for months.

17.  You now sympathise with parents tending to the screaming babies in the aircrafts instead of saying: “make them quiet please”.

18.  Your baby makes your day. 

19.  Materialistic things don’t give happiness anymore. The beautiful smile that fills your heart every time is more precious than a new dress or shoes (I was a devout shopaholic earlier and the best way to uplift my mood was to take me shopping).

20.  Sleep is a distant memory. I can’t remember the last time I slept more than two hours at a stretch.

21.  Your baby is your strength and weakness at the same time. I went through a very difficult phase when I lost my grandfather. And this little man gave me the strength that I was unaware of.

I interacted with some of my mommy friends and asked them about the changes in their lives. And the list continues:

22.  The sacrifices like not going out for movies and dates, don’t matter at all.

23.  Motherhood brought maturity and rationality.

24.  Patience is the new virtue.

25.  Your mind is open to newer perspectives.

26.  Time becomes more valuable. Every second counts now.

27.  You start crying at the silliest things. Your heart breaks and grows for the smallest things.

28.  It is an out of body experience. There is so much to learn. give and experience.

29.  You find out the strength in you which you never knew about.

30.  You start taking better care of your body for your baby. 

23 thoughts on “The Changes that a baby brings in your life

  1. I can so relate to the first point !! The respect, care concern for our parents increases over night

  2. Loved reading your Post. I think I am a total change personality after I became mom. Now I do multitasking more efficiently. My anger is managed quitewell. Now I feel more compasion in my heart for others.

  3. So agree with all the points. I want to relive my childhood too. And motherhood acquainted me with my own strengths that I never knew I had.

  4. Awww such a heartfelt post. I agree the bond that we share with our mom gets stronger once we become mom❤❤

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