October 22, 2021

A for Adaptation : Surviving the First Year of Parenthood

A for Adaptation : Tricks for Surviving the First Year of Parenthood

Welcome to the my series “Unlearn the Alphabets” which is my theme for Blogchatter AtoZ 2018 in which I am going to bring out the new significance of each letter from A to Z for a parent. I am writing these blogs keeping the struggles of new parents in mind (especially surviving the first year) though it will be a great read for other parents too. So let’s get started with “A”

A for Adaptation to the New Life

Having a baby not only changes the life of the mother but the father too. We welcome a new human being with open arms but it gets overwhelming to cater to his need 24*7 especially during the first few months. The baby needs to be fed, then he poops, he is cleaned and then put to sleep and this goes on round the clock. Then there are growth spurts when the baby feeds more than normal and sometimes sleeps a lot too. It is exhausting and it might get on your nerves. We need to learn to adapt to these changes and as soon as we do, parenting becomes fun. Parenthood takes a toll on the relationship of the husband and wife too. Sharing some tricks for surviving the first year as new parents

Surviving the first year of parenthood

1) Share the responsibilities.

The new mother goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and delivery. on the top of that, taking care of a new born is demanding especially because of sleep deprivation and tiredness. Sharing responsibilities between yourselves will help her feel better. We cannot neglect the role of fathers. They work hard to support their family. But once home from work, they can help in diaper changes or sleep time routines. That will shed off some work load from the mother.

2) Communication

This is the key to survive the first year of parenting. Being open about your needs with your partner can help in relieving the stress. How can your partner understand what you want unless you are vocal about it. If you feel overwhelmed and want a few hours of solace, communicate the same to your significant other.

3) Adapting to the new schedule

It takes some time to adapt to the new schedule the baby creates. But make sure that you take care of baby’s schedule from the early days. Look for the signs of tiredness or hunger. Keep a track of the feeding times, poop times and diaper changes. You can make notes in a journal or use applications available on phone for the same. I used Sprout Baby which helped me keep a track of my son’s daily activities like feeding, sleep, nappy changes, growth, etc. I used the free version, though it can be upgraded.

4) Lower your expectations

We often create unnecessary stress by expecting a lot from ourselves and our partner. Every parents goes through a different journey and thus comparing yourself to others or to what the books tell you, is too much. You make a team as parents, and it is the best to lift each other up and learn from each other.

5) Devote time to yourself and each other

You might want to spend every minute with the beautiful baby. But make sure you spend enough time with each other. After all your spouse came before the baby. It is also important to indulge in some “me time”, to re-energize yourself.

Cherish these small moments with your baby. They grow up too fast. Absorb as much as you can and try to stay happy 🙂

A for Adaptation : Surviving the First Year of Parenthood

12 thoughts on “A for Adaptation : Surviving the First Year of Parenthood

  1. Children grow so fast or either time flies with a blink, and this adaption at times is quite excruciating. Thanks for sharing the tips to flow with the process.

  2. I also believe that expectations play the biggest spoil sport. At the same time, parenthood is an equal responsibility. Striking the right balance is probably the key.

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