October 22, 2021

Superbottoms Plus All in One (AIO) Review


I am going to review Superbottoms plus AIO (gully cricket) in this post. I have been using cloth diapers for my baby since two months now. He has had a lot of issues wearing the disposable ones like rashes and boils. That is when I decided to try cloth diapers. We have tried the pocket diapers and AIOs till now, both from Superbottoms.


Superbottoms is an Indian cloth diapering brand and also the first CPSIA(Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified brand. This means that their products are tested and certified according to world’s best known standards in baby products. Check out the latest prints and more about the brand on their website


AIOs are used for medium to heavy wetters as there are three levels of absorbency. These can be use for the babies weighing 5-17 kgs. So it is free size diaper. As you can see in the pictures, it comes with an attached soaker. There is an additional soaker which can be attached with a snap. You can add more soakers in the back pocket. They came in a paper packaging which shows how serious this brand is about environment friendliness.

Superbottoms Plus All in One (AIO) Review

Superbottoms Plus All in One (AIO) Review

To be honest, the transition from disposable diapers to CDs was difficult because using disposables is a cake walk. One just needs to use and throw them away. And that is when it struck me how non-environment friendly that is. We started using CDs in the morning for a lesser time and gradually increased the time my baby wore them. CDs need to be prepped before using them for a longer time. The reason is that their absorbency increases with every wash.


These diapers have some lovely prints. And I always wait for new prints to be launched. If you’ve noticed, the prints are very “Indianised” and I adore that.

Superbottoms Plus All in One (AIO) Review

Superbottoms Plus All in One (AIO) Review

Easy to use

There have been times when we needed to run to the pharmacy at night to stock up our diapers. and that is why cloth diapers are easy to use. You can never run out of cloth diapers. Except the times when it rains continuously in Mumbai and the diapers don’t dry soon. But we haven’t faced that situation yet.

Water Resistant

The shell of the diaper is water resistant. There is a suede layer on the top of the soaker which does not let baby’s skin feel wet.


This diaper is 100% washable. The diaper comes with an instruction sheet on how to wash and the mistakes to avoid. It is recommended to wash before using the diaper. Also try to dry it in Sun because it is an excellent disinfectant.


There are snaps provided at the front of the diaper to ensure a comfortable fit around the baby’s bottom. The fit is really important to prevent leaks. I have seen that this trim fit diaper snugs well and doesn’t leave marks on the skin like the disposable diapers do.


As mentioned earlier, the absorbency of the diapers increases with every wash. At present, the diaper lasts for around 5-6 hours with the additional soaker inside. I am sure with time the diaper will be ready to be used overnight.

Value for money

This diaper costs Rs 890. That does look huge when you read it. And it was huge for me too. A whole packet of 68 pieces of disposable costs less than the cost of this diaper. But,in the long run, the cloth diaper is more cost effective. And of course a boon for Mother Nature too.


I am in love with these non-toxic diapers. Though disposable are quite convenient, they come with their cons. I love the quality of these diapers. The Superbottoms Team is very helpful and always ready to clear my doubts regarding cloth diapering. And I love the brands which give importance to the post purchase satisfaction of the customer. If you are new to cloth diapering and finding it difficult, hang on, you will gradually love these beautiful fluffy bums.

Have you tried cloth diapering? How was your experience?

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  1. You are right, using disposal diaper is so much easy but they are definitely not environmental friendly. I also heard about these cloth diapers. I think I will try them soon as I will be starting potty training for my son.
    Thanks for the review.

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