October 22, 2021

Spread love, not Hate

spread love

Social media is a beautiful place to connect and raise awareness. But lately the web is full of negativity, hatred and back biting. The celebs are bashed for every single thing they do. People think that owing a Twitter account entitles them to write nasty comments on everyone’s profiles. This is not only faced by celebrities but micro-influencers likes me too. So many rude comments are left on the posts and the influencers are shamed. 

I was discussing the same with a friend yesterday and she felt the same way. She said that she stopped opening her Facebook and Instagram because of all the negativity. Everyone is ready to judge someone and bash them publicly.

We need to understand that Internet is the most powerful tool in the modern world. And it can be the worst enemy too. It depends upon our way of using it. We all want that changed world where there is only love and not hatred. And this is the everyone’s chance to be that change. Instead of writing derogatory comments, we must spread love and help others when they are in need.

Spread Love

Instead of bashing a mom asking for help, try to understand her view about the method she uses for a certain activity. We must learn to respect everyone and their choices. Instead of telling her that she must not use the formula but try breastfeeding, think for a moment and imagine that she did try but failed and is now giving the second best to her child.

Let’s join our hands and promise each other that we will make efforts to stop the negativity all around. We will be kind to everyone and try our best to spread love and warmth. Make people happy, you will see how satisfying that is.


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