March 29, 2023

How to Spend Quality Time with Children

I saw a father busy attending work calls while his daughter was playing in the park. He left telling her between calls that park time was over and they should head back home. I felt so bad for the little child who thought she had come out to spend time with her father. We have very busy lives and work to sustain our families but spending quality time with our children is the need of the hour . And mind it, here quality time matters and the the quantity. You cannot say that I spent an hour at the park with my daughter whereas you were busy taking work calls 80 percent of the time.

Q for Quality Time with Children

Our children deserve our quality time. It is very important for their emotional and mental development. We need to be there with them and assure them that we are there to support them. They need our love so that they feel secured. When we ignore our children’s requests and instead are busy in our work, they feel neglected. And that adds to their clinginess. That does not mean we give into every demand, but we must make sure we spend good amount of time with them. There are so many activities that parents can do with their children and help them learn new things.

How to spend quality time with kids

  1. Help them engage in their favourite hobby. Paint with them or help in art and craft activities. 
  2. Take them to the park and play with them. Teach them how to play various sports such as football, cricket.
  3. Have at least one meal together and keep your phones away.
  4. Go for walks together.
  5. Play board games at home with the whole family. Or play Lego.
  6. Read together. This is my favourite one. This can be during the day or at the bed time.
  7. Let children help in household chores. The best way to spend time together and get some work done too.
  8. Play pretend games. I am so looking forward to this in the future.

Children grow up too quickly. Live in the moment and spend quality time with them.

How to Spend Quality Time with Children

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1 thought on “How to Spend Quality Time with Children

  1. One of the ways I trust to spend the quality time is requesting the children to help me in daily chores. By helping me they find their worth and I get to hear the stories from their world! It becomes a win-win situation.
    Quite a good and useful tips here! Thanks for that.

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