October 22, 2021

Soul Slings Anchor Ring Sling Review

Welcome to my first post on babywearing 🙂 And a review of the ring sling from Soul Slings. I must admit in the very beginning that I did not try babywearing in the early days after having Ayu. The need to babywearing arose when he was about seven months old and wanted to be carried most of the time. I had back issues due to this,  so I started my research on baby wearing. I read a lot about Soul Slings and fell in love with their beautiful ergonomic baby slings carriers at the first sight.

Soul Slings Ring Sling Review

About the brand

Soul is a Bangalore based, family-run baby carrier company. The Founder Chinmayie is a mother to two wonderful kids and I can relate to her parenting style a lot.  She with the help of her husband, has now spread lovely slings and carriers all over the world.  Every Soul carrier is handcrafted in-house by their skilled employees and this is what I loved about them. For more information, check out their official website.

Anchor Ring Sling

Soul sling ring sling

This is a blue linen single layer ring sling. The sling is 28 inches wide and 83 inches long and can carry weight of upto 15kgs( 33lb). I learnt how to use this sling after watching a Youtube video and I took sometime to figure out how. For the first few times I took my husband’s help. And soon Ayu and I startd our babywearing adventures. Linen requires some breaking in with the brand new material but gradually after a wash it softens and becomes easy to use.

The first thing that I noticed about this lovely sling is its light weight. I can easily fold it and carry it along in the baby’s diaper bag and use it whenever the need be. The material of the sling is so breathable that we can easily go out on sunny days in Mumbai. Not to forget the lovely blue colour 🙂 This neutral blue colour makes it a good option for babywearing dads too. The beauty of ring slings is that they give the baby a 360 degree view of the surroundings. I did not experience any back pain once I started using this ring sling.

Now this ring sling helps me wear Ayu in car rides, mall hopping or just casual walks in the park. The sling is amazing at quick ups and downs. Being new to baby wearing and ring slings, it took sometime for me to figure out the threading technique. The baby should not feel too tight around his legs and at the same time his weight should be equally distributed around your body. Initially the fabric would slip a little because Ayu used to wriggle, but eventually I learnt how to carefully wear him. I recommend a wash and a steam iron before using it as it softens the material (also recommended by the company). You will take sometime to be learn the right technique of wearing a ring sling. So do not give up the first time and keep trying.

Price :

Rs 2800/

Can be ordered online from their website.


Overall, I am quite happy with this sling and as I said it is a part of our everyday adventures now. I can comfortably wear him for longer hours without any hassles and I love these snuggled up times. If you are looking for a good summer sling which is easy on pocket, this one is surely for you !


36 thoughts on “Soul Slings Anchor Ring Sling Review

  1. Using sling makes the entire process of travelling with baby so much easier. Nowadays when I hear so much about baby wearing and there are so many products also available in the market, reviews definitely helps making the right choice as per the parent’s requirements.

  2. Ring Slings have been my favourite till K was 15 months old. super quick to wear and so light in Delhi heat. Love this powder blue shade. beautiful pics

  3. Oh I have been looking for such product for a really long time…Thank you for your detailed review…will check their website soon

  4. SO beautiful. I love all of Soul’s products and also the company itself. also babywearing is so much fun when the products are right, isn’t it

  5. Baby wearing is helpful during visits to mall I guess. These days malls are spread over acres of land and carrying your child in your lap for so long is quite tedious

  6. We are ardent babywearing family. It’s super comfortable and easy especially when travelling with kids. But I have never tried a ring sling. Always went with a full buckle SSC. I would love to try Sling carrier now.

  7. I used th Full Buckle from Soul slings the last tim I travelled to Bangkok and trust me it made my travel so easy

  8. Love your review for soul ring sling! Soul sling provides comfort to both mommy and baby. I just love the quality of the material they use.

  9. I loved baby wearing! We never had a light weight sling like this though. This one would be great for even wearing the baby around the house while you’re cleaning or playing with the older kids. Definitely going to have to keep this in mind for baby number 2!

  10. I love a great sling, and this looks lovely! I also really enjoy supporting small and family run businesses too. ❤️ Thank you for this review!

  11. Thanks for the review! I love baby wearing but we mainly use soft structured carriers, but I have been thinking about trying wraps. This sounds like the really nice ring sling!

  12. I love baby wearing! My second child didn’t like it very much, but I should have researched some new types of slings/carriers. I love that this one works until they are 33 lbs – it should last awhile! Great info – thanks for sharing.

  13. Oooh, this looks like a very nice ring sling! I love them, even though I don’t have one. When we have another child, I definitely plan to get one because the baby wearing items I do have are just okay. I used my aunt’s ring sling when I went to visit her and really loved it. I think they’re awesome.

    I like the linen material for this ring sling! It looks very versatile, and it looks like you’ve had lots of success in figuring out how to wear him!

  14. Wow I have never heard of this brand of ring sling, but it looks beautiful. The fabric is gorgeous. I will definitely get this sling when we have baby #3. I love baby wearing, keeping them close is the best.

  15. I’ve never heard of the ring sling but they seem like a great option for slings! I had several when my girls were smaller and I think I needed assistance with all of them in the beginning.

  16. We’d heard good things about Soul Slings as well so we invested in Meh Dai. We’ve also got a Girasol ring sling that we have used for a long time now and we love

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