October 22, 2021

Soul Linen Full Buckle : A Babywearing Delight

Mom and dad carrying baby in linen full buckle

Here goes my third post on babywearing and comes as a review of the Royal Linen Full Buckle Carrier (Standard). This is my third carrier and from the brand that I love : Soul Slings. My babywearing journey started last year when my husband and I decided to buy an SSC and try to wear our kid. That has been our best decision ever and I actually repent not starting babywearing early in our parenting journey.

I already own a ring sling in linen and that is when I fell in love with the fabric and decided to try a linen full buckle.

About Linen Full Buckle

If you are new to babywearing, read about my experience with the linen ring sling . The major difference between the two is that a sling is worn on one shoulder whereas a full buckle is a structured carrier and has a waist band and two shoulder straps to equally distribute the weight of the baby across your own body. I feel, a full buckle is suitable for older and bigger babies. But this is my personal opinion.

The weight recommendation for FB is 7-18 kgs (15-40 lbs). The seat width is 15.5 inches and body panel height is 17 inches. It has 2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA + sliding back/chest straps. It is made of premium linen which is sourced from the largest linen manufacturers in India.

Mother carrying her baby in a Soul Linen Full buckle

Why did I choose linen over other fabrics?

Mumbai is hot ! This year, it is already so hot in February. I wonder what will happen when the actual summer season is here. Linen is a breathable fabric. My son sweats a lot and I have seen that he feels fine even if I wear him when its sunny outside. Soul Slings claims that the linen is known for its anti bacterial quality. Our journey so far has been a delight. My husband loves wearing our son in this linen full buckle too.

My experience with the Linen Full Buckle
Great design

The way this carrier is designed to keep both mama and baby comfortable surprises me. The shoulder straps are so thin and comfortable that they do not hurt your shoulders at all. The adjusters on these traps make it easy to adjust the strap cording to your preference. Also, this carrier is so generously sized that I can use it for quite a long time ahead.


As I already mentioned, I feel amazing wearing my son in linen because it is so breathable.

Easy to carry along

The carrier can be folded and kept inside a diaper bag without any hassles.

Bag from Mamaearth and Soul Full buckle folded

Front and back carry option

Makes the carrier versatile. I wear Ayu on my back when I am working in the kitchen or head out to the market. I mostly carry him on the front when i know he will dose off to sleep.

Spot cleaning

It is very easy to clean and maintain the carrier. We mostly spot clean whenever needed. Otherwise, we haven’t washed it yet.


I like this more than the ring sling. I have had major back problems and I feel it the carrier distributes the weight of the baby evenly. So 10/10 when it comes to comfort.

Nursing in public

Yes ! It is so convenient to nurse wearing Ayu in the carrier. A few adjustments of the buckles and he is ready to have his snack.

Shopping while wearing babu in linen full buckle by soul

Where to buy

Though this particular carrier is out of stock now, you can choose from other standard full buckle carriers  from their website. You will be spoilt with choices 🙂


Soul  has brought a revolution in babywearing. Their team is so helpful in clearing my doubts. And picking the best carrier. You may like to see the youtube tutorial on how to wear your baby in a full buckle. If you watch this video on Youtube and will get suggestions go other videos of how to back carry and nurse in this carrier.  If you have any questions , feel free to ask them in comments 🙂

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  1. Have been seeing them on the internet for long! but never got to try them…Now not sure my about to 2 yrs old will be allow me to wear her or not!! But a Great review!! Thanks for sharing

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