January 19, 2022

Journey through Colours : Skola Coloured Beetles Review

Skola Coloured Beetles Review

Identification of colours is a big milestone for children. Babies can distinguish between different colours by the age of five months. Later on , they start understanding that the colour is a distinct property that a colour possesses. I discussed about Learning Journeys through play in my previous post and I would be throwing more light upon journey though colours in this one. We received Coloured Beetles from Skola toys and this is the first step in this journey of colours. I love the concept of learning through play introduced by this brand.

Coloured Beetles

Journey through Colours : Skola Coloured Beetles Review

The toy contains a set of 6 pairs of wooden painted semi circle pieces arranged on a wooden tray all packed in an elegant Skola Doodle Box. This toy can be used for following activities :


Show the child how to insert the beetles in the doodle box and remove them.


Show the child how to take out one half from each pair and place on one side and eventually pair the two parts.

Colours Identification

This toy consists of beetles made go three primary and three secondary colours. This toy would be ideal to introduce the names of these colours and identify the same.

Abstract Pairing

The shapes of the beetles can be traced and coloured in the similar way and child can be asked to pair the beetles with the paper drawings.


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Memory Game
One half of the beetles can be placed in a specific order and the child can be asked to memorise the colour and the location and can be asked to place the other half in the similar pattern.

Journey through Colours : Skola Coloured Beetles Review


These Coloured Beetles are priced at Rs 495  and can be bought from the website of Skola toys.

Skills Developed

Colours : All the beetles are similar in all aspects except their colours. So it makes children narrow down their attention to colours of the beetles.

Palmar grasp : is enhanced when children remove and insert the beetle pieces with their hands.

Colour memory : Playing memory games with colours helps in improving the memory skills and also leads to higher cognitive ability.

Journey through Colours : Skola Coloured Beetles Review

Journey Through Colours – Awareness

This toy is the first stage towards the Learning Journeys through play. In this stage the child notices that the objects can be paired that their colours are a distinguishing property. In short becomes aware of different colours. I introduced this to Ayu a a few weeks ago. Right now he can successfully remove one half on the beetle and is learning how to put it back in the slot. The toy is made of wood and is very light in weight. The colours are distinct and I am impressed that the primary and secondary colours have been used. We keep mentioning the colours while Ayu is playing with the beetles. He already identifies the blue colour because the largest ring from his stacker is also blue in colour. I would love to use this toy for other activities in the future.

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25 thoughts on “Journey through Colours : Skola Coloured Beetles Review

  1. That’s a cute toy! I wonder if there were such toys in the market when we were growing up. You are right, a child can get many skills playing with those colorful beetles.

  2. This one of Skols’s collection of educative toys looks most appropriate for my younger one. A good way to understand patterns, colors and improve motor skills

  3. Wow…this is so cool. The joy of learning should start early & what better way to introduce it with play. I am definitely checking this out for my little one 🌸🌸

  4. Toys do have great recreational plus educational value. I will check out the collection to find something for my nephew 🙂

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