October 27, 2021

Learn to Show Respect to Each and Everyone

show respect

Respect is an important part of our human life. This is an essential value taught to us in school and at home. When we show respect to someone, we portray that they are valuable. And when we disrespect them, it is a way of telling them that you have no value. Of everything we learnt in our lives, showing respect to everyone is something that must never be forgotten.

R for Respect

Respecting others is a silent method of expressing our feeling towards them. These days, younger generation thinks that bey showing respect to someone they are degrading themselves. They feel that respect is a sign of weakness and inferiority and that would harm them. We must learnt o respect everyone. And remember that, showing respect does not make us look weaker, in fact it is the opposite. We all know that we get back what we give to others. And if we feel we deserve everyone’s respect, we need too respect everyone back.


Showing respect to others starts from realising our own worth and respecting ourselves. How can we respect ourselves? By being honest with ourselves and with others. By respecting our bodies and eating healthy. We must take care of our diet and exercise everyday. We must patiently listen and respect everyone’s point of view. Apologise whenever the need be. Again, apologising does not make us look smaller in front of anyone. In fact it shows that we admit we made a mistake and will make sure that doesn’t happen again. Set your goals right and work towards achieving them. There will be many challenges on this path, but make sure you do not give up and try harder every time.

I want to emphasise on respecting our parents. I have seen children misbehaving with their parents in public places. We need to respect the generation gap and learnt to accept the differences. At the same time, parents must respect their their children, their choices and decisions too.

Everyone is fighting their own battle. Show respect to everyone, even the strangers. And let them be.

Show respect

This blog is a part of my series on A-Z of Parenting, Unlearn the Alphabets after becoming parents for Blogchatter AtoZ. 

4 thoughts on “Learn to Show Respect to Each and Everyone

  1. What a thought Anchal, “Respecting others is a silent method of expressing our feeling towards them”.
    Showing respect is the least that we can do a human being whether he/she is elder or younger to us. I so strongly believe in the adage, ‘give respect to earn respect”.

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