October 22, 2021

Seven things from the 90’s that I miss the most

My brother and I were caught in an argument over the 90’s show Aahat. We couldn’t decide if Aahat was scarier than Zee Horror Show. This automatically reminded me of our childhood and how we spent time watching these shows. We both knew that we won’t be able to sleep properly being scared at night but nonetheless we were hooked to the telly. I am going to take you guys on a trip down the memory lane, to the beautiful times of the 90’s. Here are the seven things I miss the most from that era. 


1)  TV Shows 

If you are from the 90’s, you grew up watching these amazing shows like Hip Hip Hurray and Dekh Bhai Dekh. You also wouldn’t have missed these two horror shows- Aahat and Zee Horror Show. Sundays were reserved for the classic Ramayan. I wouldn’t mention FRIENDS because we weren’t allowed to watch it because of the taboo associated with English shows. (People who grew up in conservative households like mine can totally relate!)

Seven things I miss about the 90s



I saved my pocket money to buy this one. And it made me one of the coolest kids in school. HAHA. I sneaked in numerous cassettes and listened to my favourite artists. I played Backstreet Boys, Bryan Adams, Westlife non-stop. And of course- I’m blue, da ba dee daba da.

Seven things I miss about the 90s

 3) Games

Do you guys find children these days playing wonderful games like Staapoo? They are missing a lot of awesome games that we guys played but I still remember the fights and hi-5’s we cherished with our neighbours. Name, Place, Animal, Thing, Hangman, Mario etc.- these games are just etched in legends. An honorary mention for the fervent obsession with taazos?


Each one of you must have tried this with your girl friends and your crushes. This is how you determined if someone deserved your friendship, love, affection, marriage, enmity or sisterhood. I just tried doing this with my husband and FLAMES has predicted it right- Marriage.

Seven things I miss about the 90s

 5) Diwali Guns

We played with these guns pre-diwali while our parents went out distributing sweets. These little things were enough to give the kid next door a mild scare.

Seven things I miss about the 90s

 6) Sports Shoes

I am not sure if kids still wear these shoes to school but do you remember rubbing chalk over these before the teacher could inspect. Chalks came in handy if I forgot painting them before wearing them to school. Action ka school time… or may be BATA

Seven things I miss about the 90s

 7) Cricket

SACHIN SACHIN! DADA! And of course the Wall of our team, the adorable Jammy- Rahul Dravid. Cricket was indeed a gentleman’s game back then and these legends are being missed. Also, who can ever forget the soul crushing exit South Africa faced in the semis?  Their fate hasn’t changed much in nearly two decades, has it?

Seven things I miss about the 90s

53 thoughts on “Seven things from the 90’s that I miss the most

  1. Miss the 90’s. Crystal Maze, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Surabhi, Chitrahaar, Waghle ki Dunia… man there were some awesome shows around. And oh yeah, FLAMES.

  2. One thing I miss about the 90’s is definitely Saturday morning cartoons! Cartoons seem so vulgar these days, at least here in the States, but back then, they had a story, a good message, and above all, entertaining!

  3. except for the Diwali guns, everything else is so spot on for me. How many audio and video cassette tapes we had back then! and cleaning Bata shoes with chalk 😀

  4. Oh god you took me back to my childhood….Thank you so much….such a fun time it was and yeah I did that rubbing chalk thingy too😝😝

  5. If you ask me, Aahat was more scarier than Zee Horror Show for it being consistent in scaring us while Zee Horror shoe just fizzled out after 2 or 3 stories. I do remember every bit of things from 90s. I guess now I know whole of India did FLAMES back then which is quite a revelation. Now I am thinking what got us started since there was no social media to spread it.

  6. You took me to 90’s and threw me right back at 2017. Those TV shows before “K- shows” took over that idiot box.
    Flames and what not. Crazy games of course. I loved my Brick game and look at kids nowadays flaunting their Iphone. Sigh.

    The one thing you missed was “AWESOME MUSIC” not just walkman xx.

    apsster @ Little Heart Speaks

  7. Lovely compilation Anchal. My favorite were Alif Laila, Chandrakanta, Sri Krishna, He Man, Captain Planet, Tele tubbies, Chitrahaar <3 Those times were magical. There were just a couple of channels yet it was so much joy watching them.

  8. Miss the nineties. Particularly the t.v shows . Nowadays T.V has become more regressive than it used to be in 90’s.

  9. Wow…this bring back a lot of memories. Even I wasn’t allowed to watch friends, watched the series only during my MBA. It also reminds me of the famous toffees like panpasand and kismi bar and big bubble which I used to buy for tattoos and later get scolding from my mum for sticking them on my hands. 😉

    1. Ditto 😍 I watched friends during mba and then again during my first trimester of pregnancy. And yes, those tatoos 😍😍such lovely memories.

  10. Oh that’s a lovely topic! Only 90’s children can relate to this and can know how special these memories are for us!!! I miss cricket especially.

  11. Flames, Haha! I used to make sure that I tore that little piece of paper because I didn’t want my mom to find out that there’s M for me and some other guy she doesn’t even know LOL

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