January 28, 2023

Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

happy baby

From the minute we have our baby in our arms, we wish the best for him. And his happiness means the world to us. As parents, we can do many things to raise a happy baby but are we doing enough? Or doing too much? You don’t need to be an expert in child behaviour, just help him become a strong person from within. Following are a few secrets to raise a happy baby.

1) Respond to your baby’s cues 

Seven Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

It is impossible to spoil your baby. The best way to make him feel secured is to learn to respond to his cues. Every baby has different ways to show that he is upset, some may wail their hearts out and others might just be clingy. Give them all the love and attention that they deserve. As they grow up, teach them how to communicate their emotions to you.

2) Happy mom makes a happy baby

Seven Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

You cannot pour from an empty cup. I read this quote somewhere and it has been stuck at back of mind ever since. You are tired and sleep deprived and probably overwhelmed. I learnt it the hard way that it is more important to take care of myself after being a mother, because that affects my child too. Take out time for yourself and take care of your health.

3) Learn to be patient

Seven Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

Even when your house is a mess or your kid is throwing a temper tantrum in from of hundreds of people, stay calm. If you give into reaction, it might do more harm than ever. Teach him the difference between what is right and wrong from the very beginning.

4) Babywearing for the win
Seven Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby
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I cannot stop telling all the new moms to start wearing their babies as soon as possible. My son is sixteen months old now, and I still get a rush of feelings when I wear him and he sleeps soundly. Physical contact with the parents is a necessity for the babies. Babywearing keeps the babies content and less fussy.

5) Cultivate a daily routine

Seven Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

Babies love routines. They are happy when they know what comes next. I have experienced more fussiness in my kid whenever there is a change in his routine. We all learn lessons from our experiences. With that, help in cultivation good habits in them. Help them sleep better by developing a good sleep routine.  A well rested baby is a happy baby.

6) Help them achieve their milestones

Seven Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

Let them learn while they explore. Applaud when they achieve something great and dissuade them from doing what is not right. Do not make things easier for them even. Let them figure it out themselves. And when they achieve their goal, you’ll see the sense of accomplishment in them and that is what makes them happy. 

7) Teach your baby how to share and care

Seven Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

Its never too late to teach them the importance of sharing and caring. As they grow, let them help you in household chores and see how happy they are to do so.

8) Be his role model 

A child does what he sees. If he sees you losing your temper every now and then, how can you expect him to not do the same. This is something I am myself working on. If I am angry, I just give myself a minute or two to calm down and then take it from there. Happy parents raise happy children.

Seven Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby
Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

Happy Parenting ! Can you relate to these secrets ? Share yours 🙂

31 thoughts on “Secrets to Raise a Happy Baby

  1. I loved the concept of Baby wearing. It’s very important I feel. I too get contented when I hug my kids still. It’s magical and calming to be so close to our own kids for both Mumma and babies/kids

  2. I love reading your blog post and totally agree with you. All you said in secrets to raising a happy baby are needed. I really love your points.

  3. I truly agree to each and every pointer you have shared here. Be happy to grow happy baby.
    Learn patience – I am still trying at this.
    Mommying is all about self control and learning.

  4. Great post, I agree with all these points. Responding to cues is a great start to having a happier baby, in general, the age-old advice of let them cry a little, does not apply anymore.

  5. Babywearing and being happy has helped me a lot through some tough days. Thank goodness, the baby cruised along happily.

  6. I totally agree to the roll model pointer! and this applies to my habit of limiting my own phone time, so next time I dont see my little one on any gadget!
    Great tips

  7. Lovely post. Becoming your child’s role model is something I am trying to work on. If I try & become role model,Motherhood steps back & vice-a-versa. But definetly achievable.

  8. I ticked a big yes on all of these. And it is true that this helps. babyT has never been a crying baby or fussy when it comes to things. I also made sure I asked for his choice and preferences and gave him explanation for why he can or cannot do something. They understand it all.

  9. I never knew that a lot of physical contact between a mother and a baby is necessary! My sister recently had a baby and she told me that she is nervous about taking care of it. I will be sure to tell her that a lot of physical contact will be healthy for her baby!

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