March 29, 2023

R for Rabbit – Marshmallow High Chair Review

It’s an exciting moment when you can pull your child up to the dining table with the rest of the family. Marshmallow is a multi-functional baby high chair that helps develop your baby’s eating and social skills. Marshmallow provides the ultimate in comfort and features multiple modes of height adjustment, back rest positions, meal tray positions and foot rest positions. It’s easy to clean and looks good in your home. Its smart folding function lets you pack the highchair away in seconds for in between meal-time convenience.

R for Rabbit - Marshmallow high chair review

R for Rabbit - Marshmallow high chair review

R for Rabbit - Marshmallow high chair review

R for Rabbit - Marshmallow high chair review

Key Features of the high chair (From R for Rabbit website):

Certified for safety: Marshmallow is EN14988 Safety Certified which is one of the most stringent certification defined by European Standards for baby high chairs. Marshmallow is tested for mechanical strength and quality of colour & parts used.

Age: 0 to 5 Years.

Weight: 0 to 20 Kgs

Smart Folding function: Marshmallow is a high quality folding chair suitable for making the most of your limited space. It can be folded and stowed away easily.

Adjustable & Removable Double Meal Tray: Marshmallow features a smart one hand removable meal tray with 3 positions plus a dishwasher safe upper tray, making it easy to clean after messy mealtimes.

7-level height adjustable: Marshmallow grows with your child with 7 height positions. As your kid grows you can raise the seat to different height positions or you can match height of your dining table with your baby seat.

3-recline modes with adjustable footrest: Marshmallow boasts of 3 recline angles including a recline for nap time. Recline modes are perfect for reading a story or resting. Adjustable footrest compliments the seat position providing maximum comfort to your baby.

Five Point Harness: 5 point harness keeps your active baby safely fastened & comfortable at all times.

Optimal back-rest design: Marshmallow provides the most suitable posture angle & adequate padding to make your child sit comfortably and train for good dining habits.

Where to buy :

We bought it from Amazon

  1. R for Rabbit Marshmallow – The Smart High Chair (Green)
  2. FirstCry
  3. R for Rabbit

What we like :

1. The high chair can be installed, and used single handedly. I don’t require anyone’s help to unfold the chair and then fold it and keep it aside after use. Thanks to the the one fold button.

2. The seating is very comfortable. When Ayu started using it, he still couldn’t sit unsupported. Inspite of that he was very comfortable in the chair and could get fed without any hassle.

3. The adjustable height helps to feed the baby with the family at the dining table or near a sofa if required.

4. Feeding the baby gets messy a lot of times. The fabric of the seat and the harness can be easily cleaned with wet wash cloth or mild soap if need be.

5. The high chair is sturdy even when the baby is restless.

6. One of the best features of this high chair is that it can be folded and kept in any corner of the room.

7. Another feature that we like is that the back rest can be reclined to three different angles depending upon the usage. We mostly feed the baby in the upright position and recline the seat to let him drink water by himself.

8. The food tray is spacious for the food to adequately be kept on.

9. It has a padding on the straps to protect baby’s face/neck from getting bruised. Many high chairs from other prestigious brands do not have these.

TMS review: 5/5 ( I can’t find any negatives)

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