March 29, 2023

Pregnancy Secrets That You Must Know

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and you will get a lot of free advice during this time. But there are a few things that no one tells you (And you should know them)

Pregnancy secrets that no one tells you

1) Your life will change the moment you get to know that you are pregnant. Enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.

2) Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions. You might laugh at one moment and cry over a silly issue the other. All thanks to you pregnancy hormones.

3) You will have numerous hospital visits and the most during the last leg of the pregnancy.

4) The first trimester is full of nausea and vomiting. You might feel nauseas to a particular taste or smell.

5) It is a good idea to lose weight now, if you aren’t pregnant yet.

6) Live a stress free life, helps a lot in keeping your hormones balanced. And also keeps the baby healthy.

7) Ignore  “eat for two”. Rather eat a nutritious and a balanced diet. Weight gained during pregnancy is quite difficult to lose later on. So eat wisely now !

8) You will eagerly wait to feel the baby’s movements. But once they begin, you might have sleepless nights.

9) Your feet will swell and near the full term, you might not see your feet altogether.

10) You will have a periods free life right now, but these periods last for 6 weeks or more after the delivery.

things no one tells you about pregnacy

And the secrets continue …

11) You might or might not have food cravings.

12) Your hair will become thick and lustrous. This is all because of the pregnancy hormones. But you will shed a lot of hair post partum.

13) You will touch your belly several times especially after the second trimester. Strangers will touch or rub your belly too. It is always a good idea to tell them politely to refrain from doing so.

14) Your breasts will grow bigger, And it will be a good idea to buy a maternity bra in the last trimester. Nursing bras are a must !

15) Not every pregnant woman gets a pregnancy glow. Some even get bad acne.

16) It is not compulsory to buy maternity clothes. You can always buy a bigger size which can be handy post -delivery too.

17) You might have some weird pregnancy dreams. About your unborn baby or sometimes a people from the past.

18) You might pee when you sneeze. Learn about Kegels and start practising them

19) If you are in India, you might be yearning to know the sex of the baby. Remember : All the scientific theories and baby sex predictors are false. They just give answers according to permutations and combinations. I tried them all, and most were wrong 🙂

20) Pregnancy is not easy. And if you do not like being pregnant, do not feel guilty. It is alright to not love your body which is increasing in size day by day. But remember, you are nourishing a human being inside. It is a miracle that your body can do that.

21) You will miss being pregnant after you have your baby.

Things you must know about pregnancy

17 thoughts on “Pregnancy Secrets That You Must Know

  1. Nobody warned me about the hair loss! It wasn’t until it happened to me that I learned that it’s a very common side-effect of giving birth. I wish I read a post like tours beforehand to give me the heads up!

  2. Some of these points were truly a secret for me and I wish I knew about them. And true, I miss being pregnant after I delivered. Even though I had a complicated pregnancy with twins, it was the best phase. Loved your post.

  3. Good pointers will help first time mommy to be… yeah I missed being pregnant, and I always used to get that weird dreams about my baby.,

  4. I would agree to most of these points and i did big bigger size clothes instead of maternity clothes and did not eat for 2 bu ate healthy and nutritious food only !

  5. Ths is a helpful post for moms to be and for those who are planning a pregnancy. I think we all learn by experience and this is something which teaches us a lot.

  6. The hair loss bit was extreme for me post partum and I certainly never imagined it would be so bad. Definitely never anticipated loosing weight after baby is going to be this hard either. Your hormones go for a toss and it’s best to consult a nutritionist after baby and during pregnancy to avoid too much weight gain

  7. Such a wonderful post Anchal. I specifically loved the 20th point. There are lot of women who don’t like being pregnant and they feel it’s embarassing to share this with anyone.

  8. Loved the article and how every point is so true . And yes
    It’s important to enjoy the pregnant time as much as you can as after delievery you willl be too flabbergasted to recognise what has just happened to your life ?

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