March 29, 2023

Pregnancy Journal – Part Two

Pregnany Journal Part two Second Trimester

Welcome to the part two of my pregnancy journal. This post covers the second trimester of my pregnancy. This trimester starts from 13 weeks into the pregnancy and goes on till 27 weeks and you will start to look and feel pregnant.ย I will be sharing the highlights of my trimester along with a few tips to make you feel comfortable during this time. This trimester is considered as the honeymoon period of the pregnancy.ย  This is because a lot of troublesome symptoms of the first trimester go away. My second trimester wasn’t exactly a honeymoon period. Read on to know why !

Second trimester

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How was your Second Trimester? Was it a honeymoon period?

Pregancy Journal Part two

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22 thoughts on “Pregnancy Journal – Part Two

  1. Oh my. My second trimester was a nightmare. I was asked to go on complete bed rest. I had to take insulin injections twice a day & blood sugar tests thrice a day. But at the end it all was worth it.

  2. This post is going to be a ready hand reference all pregnant moms. This is such an exhaustive narrative about your pregnancy jouney. Happy to join with you for #MyFriendAlexa !!!

  3. My second trimester was relatively easy with just a few heart-burns and acidity problems. The first and last one were tough and complicated. Your post made me go down the memory lane. Loved reading it.

  4. Great tips for new mums? especially things like, learning about counting kicks and sleeping on side etc. Are very important for any new mom-to-be! And yes, I miss my pregnancy days now!

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