October 27, 2021

Framing the Memories : Choosing the Right Photo Frames

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Photos are precious and take us back to the time and place where they were taken. I love taking pictures and going back to see them time and again. We got beautiful photo frames made when we got married and put them on the entrance wall of our lobby. Every time I see the pictures, the lovely memories come back to me fresh and beautiful. After having my baby, I wanted to put up the pictures in photo frames on a designated wall in my house. But I never got time to go out and contact a photo studio so that I can select a frame and get the pictures developed. That is when online shopping came to my rescue. I was taken aback by the various option in photo frames available out there.

Out of the numerous options , I selected five so that I can choose one. If you are looking for a similar thing to do, I guess this would help you a lot. There are so many good quality photo frames available online, that it gets so difficult to choose the best set. Some of them are quite simple and a few number of photos are places in a single frame. While others are big and require a lot of space on the wall.

1) Safal Black Five in One frame 

Framing the Memories : Choosing the Right Photo Frames

I liked the shape of the tree. We can always use the concept of tree of life and put up the pictures of the baby in this frame.

2) Athome by Nilkamal

Framing the Memories : Choosing the Right Photo Frames

This is a simple and single frame and has a collage of nine pictures. The simplicity of this frame caught my attention. This can be used if there are space issues.

3) Athome by Nilkamal Set of 21 Frames

Framing the Memories : Choosing the Right Photo Frames

This is an intricate set of frames and one can add 21 pictures in a single frame. So one does not need to add photos in different frames and one big frame like this can solve the purpose.

4) Art Street Set of 9 Photo Frames

Framing the Memories : Choosing the Right Photo Frames

We have a similar set of frames and I wouldn’t use this one. Sharing this because we have used this and I am in love with the quality of frames. These can be easily cleaned and mounted back on the wall. The way I used it was by adding a collage of pictures in the centre frame and single pictures in the frames around it.

5) Elegant Arts & Frames Set of 7 Synthetic Photo Frames

Framing the Memories : Choosing the Right Photo Frames

This set looks beautiful near the stairway or can be used on a different wall too. This needs a lot of space but it a lovely set nonetheless. I have ordered this one for my mom’s place as we have a staircase and this will look amazing along the hand rail.

All these frames have been made up of good quality material and can be cleaned easily.

If you wish to know which frame I used for Ayu’s pictures, stay tuned. Will be sharing it on my social media soon. 

Disclaimer : All the images have been taken from Myntra’s website.

Do you like shopping online ? if yes, which has been your recent favourite purchase?

58 thoughts on “Framing the Memories : Choosing the Right Photo Frames

  1. The frames indeed add an element of beauty to the house decor while reminding us of the beautiful moments!
    And yes, I love shopping online! My recent favourite purchase has to be my new cellphone 😀

  2. Each one of the frames you have shared here looks beautiful! And, I agree…when you go online to search for a product, the range and the variety out there can drive you insane! 🙂

  3. I just love to save my memories in pictures. I have a huge bundle of pictures in my safe. Now i know what to do with some of them. I like that tree shaped photo frame idea. I will definitely buy this one for my cute memories. Thanks for sharing these frame ideas.

  4. I liked neelkamal. This will look good in kid’s room. I have arranged our family photos in the same fashion you mentioned in the Elegant Art point. It gives a personal touch to the entryway.

  5. Really good ones! I like the nilkamal one and the set of 9 is pretty decent too.
    I also like clicking pictures and then checking them out. 🙂 Memories that pictures are!

  6. I am always a fun of classic photo framing. I think because of digital technology and social media, people tend to forget to actually print and frame momental photos. They just post it on Instagram and Facebook. Displaying framed photos really add sentiments for me.

  7. I either love or hate internet shopping, I love the variety but not how easy it is to get carried away and add hundreds of items to the cart lol

  8. I like shopping online and I guess my favorite recent purchase would be the new iPad case I just bought. I really like the style of the Art Street Set of 9 Photo Frames.

  9. These are very nice selections. Photo frames definitely make photos more interesting and great for display. I love shopping online but more on makeup and clothings though.

  10. These are all great photo frames to choose from. I love the Safal Black Five in One frame because of the tree. It would look awesome with photos of each family member. Thanks for sharing these awesome frames.

  11. Wow! I love all the frames, the first one and nilkamal are my favorites. Who doesn’t love online shopping, my recent purchase was apparel for my little one

  12. I’ve always loved homes with great pictures. I’m glad you’ve made this list. I would love shopping for these and frame my pics from the Diwali vacations.

  13. I loved the safal. It will look very beautiful and elegant. I am waiting to do this photo wall until we take a new home. All of these are such great frames. Keeping this saved for future use.

  14. I loved all the frames. My husband is a photo frames enthusiast and we have been meaning to do a collage for a long time. I think I am going to pick one of frames from your post now.

  15. Of the frame designs you have shown, I really like the second one! It’s a very simple design and you can add however many pictures that you want. I’ll have to go out and get some materials so that I can try to make it myself.

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