October 27, 2021

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs : When Science Meets Tradition !

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs

I recently attended a Blogger’s Meet by Amway to introduce the newly launched Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range. We are all aware about Amway and we relate it with purity and quality. Amway is India’s leading direct selling FMCG company and offers offers over 140 products in five categories which are Nutrition & Wellness, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care and great value products.

The session began with a welcome address by Ms Simrat Bishnoi, Head, Corp, Comm & CSR at Amway. This was followed by a the Seed to supplement story by Mr. Ajay Khanna, Category Head- Nutrition and Wellness at Amway India. He explained the process of sourcing the herbs and then carefully creating quality supplements from them. The last leg of the session was taken over by Dr V.K Joshi, HOD at Dravyaguna Deptt BHU and Chairman, Ayurvedic Pharmocopeia Committee, Ministry of Ayush, GOI. He gave detailed information about the magic of Indian herbs.

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Launch


Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range

The new Nutrilite Traditional herbs range focusses on bringing together the best of nature, best of science and the best of traditional wisdom. The scientific research at Nutrilite, backed up by the the traditional knowledge from olden days. This new range has four products including Nutrilite Tusli, Nutrilite, Brahmi, Nutrilite Ashwagandha and Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Harithaki.

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Launch

PSP ( Purity, Safety and Potency)


To ensure high quality in their products, Nutritlite sources the herbs from farms which are Organic Certified in India. Many of these farms are located in isolated areas and nullify the chances of contamination. The Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range is made from non-GMO( Genetically Modified Products) sources. The genetically engineered products may pose threat to health and thus are not used in their range. This sourcing is also done with the help of DNA fingerprinting which helps them identify the right species if the herb for assured Potency.


The manufacturing plant a Tamil Nadu follows Good Manufacturing Practices. This assures the safety, highest quality and proper identification of their products. This facility has also earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and environment Design), gold certification. Their products meet the guidelines by FSSAI.


These supplements have been prepared form certified non GMO sources as mentioned above. The quality of this new range lies in the high concentration of the beneficial active ingredient which is extracted from the right herb. For example, one tablet of Tulsi has benefits which are equivalent to 100 dried organic leaves of Tulsi.

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs

Nutrilite Ashwagandga : Helps to Supports your Vitality

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs

As per ancient literature, this herb has been found to be effective in easing stress, calming the nervous system and improving the energy levels.

Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki : Helps to Supports your digestion

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs

This blend of herbs has been found to be effective in aiding digestion and detoxifying and cleansing the body and this improving the colon health.

Nutrilite Brahmi: Helps to Support Mental Agility

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs

This herb is found to be effective in improving alertness, intelligence, attention and concentration.

Nutrilite Tulsi : Helps to Support Immunity

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs

This is a great herb because of its adaptogenic and antioxidant properties.

Recommended Usage

1-2 Tablets per day. Best if consumed with lukewarm water.


All these supplements are priced at INR 649. They are available at Amway online store and local distributors. These can also be purchased from Amazon

Amway Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki – 60N Tablets

Amway Nutrilite Ashwagandha (60N tablets)

Amway Nutrilite Tulsi – 60 Tablets

Amway Nutrilite Brahmi(60 N Tablets)

After the session was over, we visited the Amway Experience Centre in Andheri East, Mumbai. This is a stop and shop centre. I picked few of my favourite products from Amway and bid goodbye to other bloggers and the Amway Team.

Amway Experience Centre


28 thoughts on “Nutrilite Traditional Herbs : When Science Meets Tradition !

  1. It’s great to know about this brand… will definitely check it out next time I am in India. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. I have not tried these yet but Amway has great quality products and surely this one will be a hit too. Traditional herbs range is definitely good to include in everyday routine.

  3. Nutralite has some amazing products with a great effect in our day to day life. We do use some dietry suppliments from Nutralite. Its a trusted brand for sure.

  4. Long time ago my granny would list out such benefits of herbs and make some kind of powders, but having it in tablet form is much easier and simpler.

  5. Nutrilite is a well known brand. I’m glad that Amway introduce their natural supplements too

  6. I have never tried their products but I really liked their range of herbal products. You have written a very detailed review of their products which makes it helpful to choose the right product.

  7. There is no doubt it. Amway products work with so much efficacy. I took nutrilite powder when I was pregnant.

  8. I had attended this event in Bangalore .. really love their products !! Have worked really well for me

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