October 22, 2021

My biggest fear of delivery became a reality

nuchal cord

Pregnancy is a precious journey full of emotions of all kinds. We all have our fears related to the delivery. Some fear about the labour pain and others about the health of the child. My biggest fear was about the umbilical cord being wrapped around my baby’s neck (Nuchal cord)

Cord around the neck

There is an old wives tale which is very popular that if a pregnant lady sits with her hands above her head, the cord wraps around her baby’s neck ! I mean seriously? And my grand mother added to it be repeating this every time she saw me stretching my arms above my head, scaring me every time.

A friend of mine learnt about the cord around the neck of her baby. Her doctor recommended a scheduled c-section and she was very upset because of that. This added to my fear. She had a very healthy pregnancy and was hoping for a natural delivery. She took consultation from another doctor at Sitaram Hospital and found that she was being misguided by her doctor. Later, she delivered at this hospital and had a natural delivery and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

My Experience

My fear came out to be true and the cord was around my baby’s neck. I got to know about this during my last ultrasound before delivery . This lead to a drop in its heartbeat every time I had a contraction. Did that lead to a caesarean section? Nope ! My doctor monitored the baby’s heartbeat throughout my labour. I delivered my son vaginally and he was born healthy. Thanks to my practitioner who did not force me to have a caesarean section because of the nuchal cord and went the natural way.

I would advice all the expecting moms to be informed about this. Nuchal cord should not be the reason for you to schedule a caesarean section. My experience shows that babies with nuchal cord can be delivered naturally.

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15 thoughts on “My biggest fear of delivery became a reality

  1. Each tiny complication, no matter how common, scares the hell out of a new parent. And I hate these old-wives tales that only serve to up the stress levels. Glad you and your baby came through.

  2. Great that you had a safe delivery and a natural one despite the umbilical chord issue. The advantages of a natural delivery are numerous. It helps you heal faster as was the case with me.

  3. Glad to know that you are baby was born healthy, Anchal. And your doctor sure did a good job by not forcing you to go for c section before trying out the normal delivery. I don’t believe such old wives tales. There are so many such stories and listening to them get only us more worried which is not exactly good, is it?

  4. I am so glad everything turned out well for you and your baby. I think as moms we already worry that every little thing might be wrong and then when something does happen we just become a ball of nerves.

  5. Many babies are born with their cords around their necks. But the cord is thick and not easily compressed so a nuchal cord is not usually an issue. My third was just born with her cord around her neck. No biggie!

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