October 22, 2021

New York through the Monochromatic Lens

We took our first international vacation with our toddler to New York in May this year. We had an amazing time and our little champ had so much fun. Sadly, we lost our camera on this trip but thankfully I had some pictures transferred in my laptop. We did lose some beautiful pictures from our last day there.

New York is a beautiful city. The people are so warm and the city gives such amazing vibes 🙂

I am sharing some monochromatic pictures of some lovely sites.


Oculus, World Trade Centre
Statue of Liberty
Central Park
Central Park
Brooklyn Bridge


World Trade Centre
Central Park
Central Park
Brooklyn Bridge



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13 thoughts on “New York through the Monochromatic Lens

  1. Sad to hear that loss. But, I can understand. My son formatted my harddisk with my 2 years of travel pictures!
    But, hey the monochrome pictures really good. I love these mono pic due to the depth it brings from it. Nice share.

  2. Never seen New York in this way before! Brilliant clicks! Sorry about your camera…but these images leave a striking memory. Thank you for bringing this post to us. #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

  3. Even I lost many pictures saved in my hard disk which was crashed. It feels so bad. Long ago…during my college…i lost an entire Album stealing away many of my College time memories with still photo graphs. Feels so bad. I loved all the images.

  4. Wow, this is absolutely breathtaking. After having seen your pictures in colour mode, this is definitely a big change: a better one!
    And ouch, you lost the camera, that must have felt shitty.

  5. The shots are captured so beautifully. Love to explore city via your lenses. Indeed a must visit for travel enthusiasts

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