October 27, 2021

My Parenting Mantra-Let them be little

Welcome to our Blog Train on Parenting mantra where lovely mom bloggers will share their parenting mantras.   To know who these bloggers are and what are their mantras , see here. I am sure you all will love the first hand experiences of these mommies and enjoy reading their posts. A big thanks to Priya who blogs at rattlebabblebattle for introducing me. Do check her post out. Let’s know more about me and my parenting style.

I am a stay at home mommy to a gorgeous ten month old baby boy Ayu. He had serious gas issues till three months of age and that made him a clingy boy ever since. My husband has been super helpful and he tries to give as much as time possible to help in the everyday tasks related to the baby. Its been ten months of this beautiful journey of motherhood, and here are a few points that I swear by :

Let them be little 

  1. Be flexible- With babies, you can never run on a schedule. There will be a lot of times when you might have to change your plans. Learn not to fret about it and make new plans.
  2. Listen to all the advice, but do what you feel is right– We get unsolicited advise from many sources but a parent knows what is best for the child. So plan to do what your heart tells you to.
  3. step out of comfort zone– I was always afraid to take Ayu out with me alone because I thought I wont be able to handle him. But finally I took a step out of my comfort zone and took him with me at a lunch with my friends.  And It turned out to be a cake walk .
  4. Stay positive– Staying positive is very important to have a stress free parenting experience.
  5. Go with the flow– Do not restrict your child with a timetable. It is alright to break the monotony sometimes and do what the little one asks for.
  6. Go out as much as possible: Go out for walks with the baby or shopping. Babies are curious and they love being at new places.
  7. Avoid saying No– This is something I am working on right now. Instead of telling the baby “ Don’t chew that remote” give him a teether instead and tell him politely,- “You can chew that instead” . It makes a lot of difference.
  8. Don’t give into all the demands– Because then these kids take you for granted and stop trying harder to do a task. I believe in letting them earn it.
  9. Give them your undivided attention – I used to stay online on social media while being around my baby and when he asked for my attention, I felt frustrated. That is when I realised I am being a bad mother and this divided attention is bad for the little one. Now I open my laptop or social media applications only when he napping or being taken care by other family members.
  10. Don’t be overprotective– Let them fall so that they learn how to rise. I don’t mean that literally but let them explore as much as possible. That is what helps their mental development.




These were a few mantras that define my parenting. To know what my fellow blogger Alpana has to share about her experience hop on to her website. Do share in comments what parenting styles have you adopted.

54 thoughts on “My Parenting Mantra-Let them be little

  1. Completely agree with your parenting mantra… But I believe kids are the easiest to be put in a schedule. If the was not for schedule training, my twins were impossible to.manage. They were schedule trained by 2.5 months 🙂

  2. Saying no and being over protective is something I am working on as well no comes so naturally and being a mom over protective is just so natural but still working on it .. Enjoyed reading your mantra and the pics are too adorable

  3. Beautiful pics and beautifully written post too. I agree, listen to all but do what you feel right is what I follow always. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I have learned so many styles of parenting while growing with my kids. I agree with the point to be themselves. Restricting them every other second would make them fussy.

  5. Loved your mantra. I agree with most of them shared here. Avoid saying no is something which gets a little difficult at times.

  6. Over protective parents create dependent kids, and later suffer from such issues where child can’t do any thing with out parents

  7. How well you have pointed the crux of parenting – go with the flow, give undivided attention, listen all but do what you feel right. Perfect matra for any mom.

  8. Aanchal such a wonderful posts this is. Being a new mum also has taught you so much which people with years of experience also don’t understand. I liked the point wherein in your talking about “avoid saying no” I need to learn and practice this. Saying no always can have a strong negative impact on your child.

  9. Wonderful post with some really beautiful pics. I agree that we need to be flexible in our parenting. Rigidity makes things worse.

  10. I loved reading this Anchal. Simple mantras. But some of these are so hard like not saying no and staying away from the phone. As a WFHM it is really difficult but then I make sure I allot time in the evenings just for baby. He is the happiest person then.

  11. I agree with you in most of your mantras ☺️ loved your pics ☺️☺️ I personally try to follow a schedule but don’t fret too much about it. As becoming a mommy has actually made me more acceptable of the fact that things dont always go as per plan. At times they do go better ☺️☺️☺️

  12. I agree with your matra Anchal, like getting out of my own comfort zone and avoiding saying no. I want to practice being less over protective though as I am constantly worried about my toddler falling and getting hurt.

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