October 27, 2021

My experience with Vicco Cream with Foam Base Face Wash

Cleansing is the first and the most important step for a healthy skin. Some products are so harsh on your skin that they remove the natural moisture. And others do not clean the skin properly leaving the facial oil behind. We are all aware of the brand Vicco. It has been there since ages and helped many people with skin troubles. I would be sharing my thoughts about Vicco Cream with foam base face wash in this blog.

I was born with an acne prone oily and sensitive skin which breaks out frequently. My dermatologist used to say that the my skin would become better with time but that hasn’t happened. I am 30 and still have skin break outs every now and then. I was a bit skeptical when it came to trying out this new face wash from Vicco but I am so glad I did. It suited so well to my skin. I think my skin has never felt so good. I love using Ayurvedic products because they are so good for your skin. I feel only Vicco provides authentic ayurvedic products whereas others only claim to be ayurvedic.

Vicco Cream with Foam Base Face Wash

Vicco Cream with Foam Base Face Wash

It comes in a sturdy packaging which has a flip open top. The brand claims the following things when it comes to the usage of this face wash

  • For skin infections
  • Healing of wounds
  • Rich lather, clears pores and blackheads
  • Process of natural renewal of skin accelerated
  • Stops bleeding, heals cuts and injuries

A one step solution to every skin problem. Its Ayurvedic formula combined with the microbicidal properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads WITH EVERY WASH.

Vicco Cream with Foam Base Face Wash

Price and Availability

Vicco Cream with Foam Base(70gm) costs INR 80 and is available at the VICCO e-store and other portals like Amazon and Shopclues.

How to use

Take small amount of the cream and apply on wet skin. Massage the face in circular motion to create lather and work upon the T-area. Wash off with water and pat the face dry.

Vicco Cream with Foam Base Face Wash

My Experience

I have been using this face wash twice a day and have felt that it makes my skin smooth and even. Let’s know more about why I liked this

  1. Only a pea sized cream is required and hence the product lasts for a longer time.
  2. It lathers very well and removes the skin impurities. It comes off very easily.
  3. As I have a very oily skin, I feel that it removes the excess oil and that is exactly what I expect from a face wash. You may use VICCO turmeric cream after cleansing for dry skin and Vicco turmeric WSO for oily skin.
  4. The main ingredient of the face wash is turmeric which is known for its properties of healing wounds and reducing scars.
  5. The packing is sturdy and travel friendly
  6. The price of the cream is reasonable and totally value for money.
  7. It is cruel free and vegan
  8. The cream can be used by both men and women.

What I did not like

  1. The packaging calls it a cream whereas it is a face wash.
  2. It’s smell is refreshing but overpowering. I am not a fan of such strong fragrance
  3. It suits my oily skin. But I feel it would be too dry for someone who has a dry skin.

Vicco Cream with Foam Base Face Wash

Final Verdict

The face wash has suited my skin very well. It clears the pores and hence prevents acne. It is inexpensive and suitable for both men and women. And as I said, my skin has never felt so good.

Have you tried the VICCO Cream with Foam Base Face Wash? Don’t you feel it is a one-step solution to every skin problem. Share your views in the comments.

21 thoughts on “My experience with Vicco Cream with Foam Base Face Wash

  1. Vicca had been and still is generic name for all skin issues. From scars to acne they have solutions for all. Glad to know they have such a brilliant face wash too.

  2. This seems like a promising face wash. I’m glad to know that it cures mild skin infection.

  3. Brand Vicco needs no introduction. I’m happy that finally, they have come up with such promising face wash for us.

  4. I have been a great fan of Vicco products for a long time now and Vicco cream has been part of my daily skincare regime. I haven’t tried Vicco Cream face wash but I am sure to buy it soon.

  5. Thanks for an honest review. Vicco is a trusted brand and I am usually more comfortable applying anything ayurvedic and cosmetic creams. I think this will suit well for me.

  6. I still remember the vicco turmeric tv commercial. Its Ayurvedic so it must be good only. Thanks for sharing..

  7. I have been a vicco face cream fan.. the sandalwood fragrance was my favourite. Will give this one a try too. Thabks for such a detailed review.

  8. The first face cream ever that I applied on my face was Vicco. A brand that has been a trusted one since generation. I am sure this face wash is an amazing one too. I will try it soon.

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