March 23, 2023

Motherhood : Lessons from the First year

motherhood first year

Motherhood happened to me last year when my squishy boy was born. He turned a year old last month and it seemed that the last year just flew out of my hands. They say the days are longer and years are shorter when you become parents and it does hold true in our case. I love looking back at his baby pictures and it amazes me to see him grow up so quickly. I made a few mistakes here and there but on the whole I feel I have been a good first time mom. Here I am sharing the highs and lows of my first year as a mother and these tips and suggestions are solely based on my personal experience. They might be a hit with me but not work out with you. 

My First Year of Motherhood

Motherhood : Lessons from the First year 1) Post partum blues are for real : I always thought that delivery is the toughest part, little did I know that taking care of the baby after delivery is tougher. Your body aches because of all the hard work of pushing the baby out and the constant blood dispensing. It leaves you tired and the time when you need rest the most, you cant. because there is a small human to take care of.

2) Swaddling is a must : And I didn’t. For some reason my mom was against it. The weather was crazy hot and I could not get myself to swaddle to baby. I know I should have.

3)Take care of yourself : I had episiotomy and I was advised to take sits bath thrice a day. I used to skip the whole thing altogether. Which resulted in more pain and then opening of the incision. This lead to two months of more medication and tension. Had I taken care of myself from the very first day, I could have skipped the pain.

4) Nutritious Diet : There will e time when you wouldn’t want to touch feed. But your body needs a lot of nutrition post partum and also if you are breastfeeding. Motherhood requires a lot of energy !

5) Outings with the baby : Can you believe it that I did not go out with my little one (except for a few visits to my grandparents place). I should have taken him for a stroll in the stroller. Or taken him to the mall. Its easier to take care of babies than toddlers in malls and eateries.

Motherhood : Lessons from the First year

6) Tummy time : This was our hit. We did lots of tummy time since birth. It helped a lot to release the gas and strengthen his neck and back muscles.

7) Too many toys aren’t required : Just a few attractive ones to keep the baby busy.

8) Night time weaning : This is a debatable topic. We co sleep and the best way to put him back to sleep at night is to feed him. I should have stopped doing that after six months because that is he time when babies start learning how to self soothe and put themselves back to sleep. The outcome? I still need to feed to sleep. And this affects my sleep a lot.

9) ME time : I actually started focussing on me time when I started working out. Motherhood kept me so busy. Half an hour for myself and the day got better. The yelling got lesser. I recently stepped out alone to the mall and left Ayu with his dad. And I repented all the time of doing this too late. I should have started going out earlier which could have helped a lot. But better late than never right?

10) Let Dad feed him : Because just in case you can’t there should be someone who can help him eat. I would try BLW soon. I have seen mommies successful in that department and its commendable.

Motherhood : Lessons from the First year

11) Babies fall sick : The first time Ayu got sick, I lost my mind. I was so worried that I could sleep even when he did. Eventually I realised that it improves their immunity and gradually their bodies start fighting infections

12) Introduce books early : We did and we are proud of it.

13) Don’t force feed : Like adults, babies also have moments when they are not hungry and do not wish to eat. Do not force feed them.

14) Babies love schedules : Ours set his own. I never forced a schedule on him. And continued with baby led schedule.

15) Don’t push them to achieve milestones : These little miracles of God learn things by themselves. I remember how Ayu learnt how to roll over in a couple of days. I do not push him learn just help him to achieve his milestones.

Motherhood : Lessons from the First year

16) Snuggle as much a possible : Because they grow out of it when they grow up.

17) Live each moment : And not wait for the next milestone or fret over missed ones. These babies grow up very quickly. I know you will be tired and would want to take rest and that might even lead to frustration.

18) Travel while they are young : I didnt. And was always so scared of it. Turns out handling babies in flights is easier than tending to toddlers.

19) Babywearing : I started when he was around six months old. I would recommend babywearing from the time they are born. It is so helpful. Keep them close.

20) Let them fall : Because that is when they will learn to rise. Don’t be there to pick them whenever they fall, they learn how to stand and move on. (That doesn’t mean you let them fall when they are too young)

Motherhood : Lessons from the First year

Can you relate to my journey? How was your first year of motherhood? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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59 thoughts on “Motherhood : Lessons from the First year

  1. Awww! First of all a very Happy Birthday to your little one! And let me tell you what a sweet post this is! It took me down the memory lane with my lo 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your tips. I am not a young mom and not planning to have a baby any time soon but I guess it is always a bit scary because you never really know what to do and how to react. xx corinne

  3. Motherhood is an amazing journey, and we learn more from our little squishes than I think many of us realized. Congrats on making it through the first year and enjoy what the new one brings you and your family!

  4. I agree with so much of this. Especially taking care of yourself. If you don’t do that, it’s tough to be the mom you want to be. And yes, my kids always had books around them.

  5. Happy birthday to the little one!
    This is a lovely post and could as well be a good guide to first time moms. First year of motherhood teaches you a lot and gives you memories to treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such a beautiful post full of love. Wish your baby a very happy birthday. Your post took me back 28 years when my baby girl was born, she is an advocate now 🙂

  7. Aw hun it sounds like you went through the works im sorry to hear about the post partum blues but the main thing is you are still standing . You have a beautiful baby and it is great that you can share your wisdom with other parents too !

  8. Happy birthday for your little one! I like the tips you mention here. I think the more important one is the taking care and enjoy every moment.

  9. I have had three babies. My eldest is 17, my youngest is 8 and I am so glad they are not babies any more! So much hard work, lol! I can’t believe I ever had the energy to go through all that…

  10. I found myself nodding in agreement several times while reading this post. I cannot stress your travel point enough! They fly free until they’re 2 and the really are easier to manage on the plane at that age. I noticed our flights get progressively worse as my 2 yr old got older. Now he’s somewhat of a holy terror and I have so much more traveling to do. Jesus take the wheel!

  11. Belated first birthday wishes to your cutie-pie. My baby turned one last week. Time does fly. I can relate to many of the valuable lessons you have shared, Anchal. I am a second-time mom, yet I made mistakes too as no kid is the same. What worked with my first one didn’t go well with the second. Motherhood is completely a ‘learning on the go’ experience. All the best to you and your sweetheart. Take care of yourself. 🙂

  12. Great realistic lessons coming from a first time mom. I am not a mom yet but I know its not always going to be easy!

  13. Motherhood is a wonderful, joyful adventure! Soak up every single second of it. In the blink of an eye your little one will be in preschool, and elementary school is just two blinks away.

  14. My hearty wishes to your little one and totally agree that babies are much much easier to handle than toddlers and yes i used to take my son everywhere when he was young..To eating out to shopping in malls…The tips you have shared are totally practical and realistic.

  15. Awww my baby is 11 months old and I’m able to relate to all points. I travel a lot with him and it sure was much easier when he was an infant. But every stage is lovely ?

    My baby hated being swaddled, he only allowed the maalish wali to do it and that too only for one month

  16. Was planning to gift a toy to a new born but am glad I didn’t. Makes sense that few toys are enough since the world is a toy for them right now.

  17. I am sure most mums will relate to atlas some of the points. Amidst all the mothering, the key is to remember to doing things you used to love and taking care of yourself. Many mothers don’t realize its importance at the outset, but these are necessary for a healthy family set up.

  18. I agree with so much of this! Baby Led Weaning is a boon and I will recommend it to anyone who asks. Of course, at one year old my baby is not completely self-fed, but she eats most of the food on her own and does so happily while sitting in her chair. As long as I don’t have to run after her for meal times, I’m a happy mom. And same for babywearing. We started when she was 14 days old and we love how easy and comfy and snuggly it made life for us!

    Congratulations on completing one year. And cheers to many, many more successful years of cuddles with Ayu <3

  19. I found every point agreeable and so relatable. And Dads role plays a big part in giving mothers time for themselves and regain their strength. Congratulations for this first year milestone 🙂

  20. congrats on the babies first year. quite a milestone and i’m glad you mentioned post partum depression. it’s something that needs to be discussed. We women need to support each other through it.

  21. All of these are great! I especially love the ones about introducing books early and the importance of “me” time. Great article – thanks!

  22. You we’re really paying attention, that’s awesome. I can only wish I had kept this kind of info on my children but it pains me to say that it’s been long enough ago now that there’s way to much I’ve forgotten. Cherish those memories =)

  23. The first year with the baby is so stressful and yet wonderful at the same time. I felt like every day I was learning something new with my son. 3 years in and I am still learning.

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