January 19, 2022

Mimmo Organics Pasta : Review by a Fussy Eater’s Mom

Here I am talking about baby food again ! Because I am so worried about my fussy eater and it has become a big task to feed him something nutritious and wholesome. I always want him to eat a balanced diet but it never happens. That makes me dwell in mom guilt everyday. My husband and I love pastas and little A tasted it a few times and liked it. I wanted to prepare it at home for him. That is when I came across a brand called Mimmo Organics which offers three varieties of pastas for toddlers. What makes it different form another brands? And is this pasta healthy? Lets read on.

Mimmo Organics 

Mimmo Organics was founded by parents Priyanka and Anup who were looking for something organic to feed their nine month old. They faced the challenge of what solid food to feed their son just like any other parent. And that led to this wonderful brand. Priyanka is a post graduate in Bio Technology from the Macquarie University in Sydney and has an extensive experience in the ‘Infant and Paediatric’ product sector. The production sites of this brand, based in Europe, are certified by a GFSI accredited system on food safety that includes IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000 certification. Also, all Mimmo Organics products meet US and EU quality grade marks of organic standards, and are accredited by the USDA, EU Organic and India Organic as 100% certified organic. What can be healthier than the food created by parents themselves?

Why do their pastas stand out?

Their products are 100% organic and can be offered to babies, toddlers and young children. Their pastas come in various shapes, colours and textures so that they are appealing to the children who are always exploring something new. These textures encourage the child the chew. These pastas are free of toxins, pesticides, preservatives and GMO (Genetically Modified organisms) ingredients. Isn’t this exactly what we want to feed our children?

Veggie Alphabets

Mimmo Organics Pasta : Review by a Fussy Eater's Mom
Image Source : Mimmo Organics Website


Organic Semolina, Organic Beetroot (3%), Organic Carrot (3%), Organic Spinach (3%), Organic Tomato (3%), Organic Turmeric.

How to cook 

  • Boil 1 1/2 cups of water in a small saucepan
  • Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt to the boiling water followed by 2 tablespoons of baby flower pasta and stir occasionally
  • Cook for approximately 6-8 minutes Same as the Baby Flower pasta
  • Drain and rinse pasta with hot water. Leave to cool until pasta is at safe temperature for your child.

Mimmo Organics Pasta : Review by a Fussy Eater's Mom

Mimmo Organics Pasta : Review by a Fussy Eater's Mom

Our views

The first time I cooked it according to the instructions and topped it with some butter in the ebed before serving. The pasta tastes delicious without any kind of addition. I could mildly taste spinach. Second time I cooked the pasta and added it to vegetable soup (majorly spinach and carrot) and my son loved it. I like it how we can play around with the taste and prepare the pasta according to our child’s liking.

Baby Flower Pasta

Mimmo Organics Pasta : Review by a Fussy Eater's Mom
Image Source : Mimmo Organics Website


Organic Multi-Millet flour ( Foxtail, Finger, Pearl and Sorghum ), Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Beetroot (25%)

How to cook

Same as the veggie alphabets but this one requires around 10-15 minutes to cook

Mimmo Organics Pasta : Review by a Fussy Eater's Mom

Mimmo Organics Pasta : Review by a Fussy Eater's Mom

Our Views

This one tastes a bit different because of the multi millets and I couldn’t serve it without any additions. I served this with homemade tomato paste which has a few vegetable blended in it. And the taste was a lot better. The texture is chewy and definitely encourages the child to chew.

Where to buy?

These can be bought from their official website.

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17 thoughts on “Mimmo Organics Pasta : Review by a Fussy Eater’s Mom

  1. Oh, this Mimmo Organics is a really great product. This is really perfect for food for babies because of its organic ingredients. I know someone who needs this nutritious product, will recommend this to her.

  2. These days, its really important to give GMO free, organic food for our kids. But finding such products have been very difficult. Glad that I came across this brand. Thanks for introducing this brand. Will surely check them out.

  3. Wow this is such an amazing pasta. I always look for products which are healthy and can be given to kids without any worries. I would love to try this pasta brand which has got beet root and spinach what more can we ask form.

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