October 22, 2021

#MeToo : A sad reality of the world we live in

I woke up to my Facebook feed full of #MeToo stories. For sometime I really did not understand why almost every female friend of mine is posting this. And adding her sexual assault or harassment story to it. I searched the web and understood that the tweet by Alyssa Milano to encourage all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to tweet #MeToo.

This hashtag was tweeted half a million times in 24 hours. I understood that the goal of this tweet was to give people a sense of “the magnitude of the problem.” And the problem is huge !

‘Me Too’ movement started 10 years ago

Though these two powerful words came into light after the tweet by Alyssa Milano, the actual movement begun in 2014 by an activist Tarana Burke who was herself a victim. She wanted to help those who survived sexual violence.

Why do we stay quiet?

I was in Delhi in 2013 for my internship and while commuting through a crowded metro, I felt someone trying to feel me. What did I do? Raised a cry? Kicked the man hard? Reported the incident? None ! I just moved away from the particular place, angry, guilty and dumb headed. That incident was one of many which have happened over the years. But this one stayed with me for a longer time because I was old enough to take an action, but I didn’t.

I read the responses to Alyssa’s tweet and realised there are many other women who just let it go, just like I did. Why? Because some feel that the name of the culprit will remain attached to their lives and careers for a longer time. While others replied that their elders did not believe them or did not give the issue much importance. Some said they did not have enough proof to substantiate the crime while others just felt ashamed of reporting it. But there are two feelings which is common amongst all : Guilt and Anger !

The Result

This movement is huge and the main aim of giving everyone the sense of the magnitude of the problem has been accomplished.

Women, I hope you all find the strength to face your past and find justice.

Men, what will your reaction be if you find out that someone close to you has faced harassment? And what are your views on the #MeToo campaign in general?

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37 thoughts on “#MeToo : A sad reality of the world we live in

  1. I too feel sick when I think of all those times I was sexually harassed but did not raise my voice. Fear and embarrassment kept my mouth shut. And, the culprit got away, scot-free! We so need to raise our voices, and if possible, our hands too, when faced by such situations. Enough already!

  2. I posted about this on my personal page. It is sad that no woman I know is not a #MeToo, I hope this does bring awareness and something changes.

  3. I feel people who do such things have sick mentality. Even though they say we respect women but such act shows that their actions are not at all aligned with their words. It’s true that women should raise their voices but at the same time men have to change their mentality towards looking at women. Atleast have some respect. I want to share a very positive thought regarding this that I heard in a talk. The orator said whenever you see a woman, look at her feet not her face. That will change your behavior towards her… These words are so true in today’s situations.

  4. I think all of us women are a #MeToo . Reading all of the tweets/facebook statuses just shows that. Personally I too have faced this a lot! Be it while walking in a street or while taking a bus!

  5. Even I was shocked to know the magnitude of the problem & what’s worse is that I was afraid to tell my story. I think the #MeToo campaign will only bring to light severity of the issue with nothing really that will change. I hope it does, but I also kind of know it won’t.

  6. The facebook timelines flooded with#MeToo are an eye opener. Majority of women I know, including me, have faced some or the other form of abuse, be it catcalls, stalking, intentional bumping into us on the roads, groping in crowded places… It is time we raised our voices and put an end to the abuse, physical and mental.

  7. I honestly don’t know how I feel about the Me Too movement, part of my sits and wonders when the hype goes away will people remember? Why do we suddenly talk about things at times and not all the time? I know for some it is making a big difference however and that is a good thing.

  8. Sexual abuse and harassment has more impact on our lives than we expect. It stays in our mind with guilt and anger. I want to know which Indian woman didn’t face any form of harassment in crowded places and public transport . It is sick but i have hope as a mothet of 2 boys. Atleast I raise my boys to be sensitive. I wish all mothers think the same way.

  9. Every woman has faced abuse of some sort at some point in their lives. Sad part is that for no woman it is just a single instance. #MeToo is showing how easily and common a woman is faced with abuse of some sort and how well we have learned to accept this as a part of our existence. It’s time for action now. We ladies have to stand up for ourselves. Hopefully, this campaign would result in such a change.

  10. I think this is a great movement. We need to talk about it and be open about our experiences. Women need to know they are not alone.

  11. I am no expert with this but I think it is a very deep and sensitive subject. having a community is helpful but I think it goes deeper than that- aside recognizing the victim, we should also help together as a society in how to stop this behavior

  12. The abuse and harassament sexually is rampant, and my Facebook news feed was flooded with the hashtag.. Surely the voice echoing will seep in and there would be a bright ray of hope somewhere for women

  13. This is a sad truth truth of women all over the world! Some stay quiet … some speak up. But… I wait for the day when change happens! And women are not BLAMED for being “underdressed ” etx!

  14. Guilt and anger.. you nailed it…
    Ive seen some posts from the guys post the success of #metoo stating how they were a part of being the ones who teased, harassed and will change for the better… I think this realization is really important and this is surely a positive effect of the #metoo’s

  15. I belong to #metoo persons. When I decided to speak with a psychotherapist a few years ago on this topic and to remember all the #metoo situations, I listed that I had even 13 such situations until I was 25 years old. It affected my self-esteem, my relationships with men and the perception of my whole life!

  16. Yep, we all sometime get through these situations, may it be inside our family or the at the outer world. And I am also aware of this movement. I feel all with this movement.

  17. The magnitude of this makes us think how almost every other woman has gone through a harassment. Sickening. I’m so glad you wrote about this and shared a bit of history too.

  18. Glad you wrote about this. We get so used to living with and guarding against this pathetic behaviour that when something happens we end up blaming ourselves for forgetting to take enough precautions. We forget that we shouldn’t need to take those precautions in the first place.

  19. This is such a strong post.. having faced sexual harassment both at home and outside, i can feel every one else’s pain who says #metoo! 🙁

  20. This is such an honest post. Yes, we have all seen the #MeToo posts and yet, not all of us have gone all out and talked about our experiences. It is sad, really, a sad reality.

  21. I think every female can relate to this post, some way or the other we all have felt violated. Be it via strangers trying to take advantage of situation of place or by friends asking for favors of benefits. Sad it is that we resort to ignore.
    I was shocked seeing the response of #MeTOO CAMPAIGN. A perfect move & must read post.

  22. This movement has done a great job in bringing this issue to light. But will it help with a solution? Unfortunately I think they like many other viral movements, this too will be forgotten soon (remember the ice bucket challenge?)

  23. its a sad reality…. we know get so used to of this harassment, instead of saying #METOO, we say its #NORMAL #hotarehtahai #koikarbhikyasaktahai #ladkihain

  24. Sexual assault and harassment are a sad fact in our world today. They know no national borders or age or size. They affect all of us. There is too much “blame the victim” talk with the idea that a woman’s (or a girl’s) choice in clothing just encouraged the aggressor to attack her.

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