January 28, 2023

Makeba: Strong message over powerful beats 

Makeba: Strong message over powerful beats 

I see my little boy banging his head while enjoying this song on TV. It was in the advertisement for Levis’s jeans. After some research we found out that it was the song from Jain called Makeba.
My boy has been enjoying this song ever since he heard it and it’s lovely to see him shake a leg. Well, this song is not just any other song. It has a history attached to it and is a tribute to a very important African icon.

Makeba, the song :

This pop song is the composition of Jain and was released in 2016. It’s video was shot in South Africa and pays tribute the the Activist Miriam Makeba who fought against apartheid in South Africa. She was a very famous singer and an actor. Such was her demeanor, Makeba was nicknamed ‘Mama Africa’. The powerful lyrics convey Jain’s respect for Makeba and the groovy visuals of the song leave you stunned. It is a feel good and rhythm-driven song, featuring the energetic native South African pantusla dancers and focuses on unity in diversity. Another intriguing information about this song is that it was played by Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, on his Beats Radio show in 2015 and it caused quite a stir worldwide.

My favourite part of the song :

I want to see you sing, I want to see you fight,
cause you are the real beauty of human right.

More power to those who fight for freedom.

P.S. : The prompt for today was to write on a song that plays when you put your ipod on shuffle abd this one has always been on my playlist. I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge.

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54 thoughts on “Makeba: Strong message over powerful beats 

  1. Never realised this was the song in the ad! Thanks for sharing this, this one goes on my playlist right away. Great to know the history and the attribution of the song too. Thanks for the share!

  2. I always get this song stuck in my head. I will have to go listen to it now. I never knew this about the song.

  3. This is so amazing ❤ I have never heard this before , so thanks for introducing me to such a nice song

  4. i have heard this song in one of the commercials on TV, i guess levis if im not wrong and i love this song!! Thank you for writing about this one…. its awesome!

  5. What an awesome song by Jain! I love when companies use smaller artists in their commercials, it’s always such a good way to find new music to listen to!

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