October 22, 2021

Keeping low expectations is the key to happiness

Keeping low expectations is the key to happiness

Being an emotional person, I have been hurt by friends and family at many stages of my life. I get emotionally attached and start having high expectations from the other person. The result, I feel hurt and dejected when the person doesn’t come up to my expectations. I learnt my lesson the harder way and realised keeping low expectations is the key to happiness.

X for eXpectations

I used to fight with the thoughts in my head and kept telling myself that I should not have any expectation from another person. But then I realised, if I have no expectation, what kind of a relation will I form. Therefore it is important to keep the expectations low. When we expect something from our spouse of a friend , we are not living in the moment. We are living in the moment where what we expected happens. And if that does not happen, it leaves us sad. This holds us back from enjoying what we already have.

Accept the present

Let us start living in the moment and forget about what we expect form others. Parents keep a high expectation from their children and that creates a lot of pressure for them. The cases of suicides in children is rising. That does not mean that you do not expect anything from your kids. Keep your expectations moderate but do not pressurise them. Every child is different. One may excel in studies whereas other might be a good cricketer. The best way is to let them explore their interests and choose what they wish to take up as a career. When you choose something that you like, you put in your mind and soul into it.

Happy people embrace life —the good, the bad and the ugly !

Keeping low expectations is the key to happiness

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