March 29, 2023

Letter to My Son on His Third Birthday

third birthday

Dear Ayu,

Wish you a very very happy birthday 🙂 I can’t believe my baby is three years old and growing up so fast. I am so blessed to have you as my child and I clearly remember the day you were born. You didn’t let mama have a lot of pain and were out in merely 2 hours after I was induced. Ohhh and I fell in love with your cheeks the minute I saw you for the first time ?

It isn’t midnight yet, and I wanted to write this letter before you turned three. Because that is when my emotions are the strongest.

This has been quite an eventful year for both of us. Together we have achieved so many milestones and I am very proud of you and myself too. I started working after seven long years and you started your pre-school. Thank you for going to school because it gave me some free time to work. You have hated going to school and the initial days were so taxing. After the summer break, you took 3-4 weeks to settle at school and I am happy that finally, the crying has stopped.

We spent a major part of this year away from your papa. I know we both miss him so much but you should know that he doing whatever is best for us. He is working hard, away from us and trying everything to have you with him soon.

Now lets come to the amazing things you have achieved. You stopped breastfeeding at 30 months 🙂 You’ve loved mama gugu and I am happy that you had it for a good amount of time. You started sleeping through the night and eating well. You and I had our first solo flight last year and the second this year. We had so much fun at nani’s house. Going to school has been another, you love meeting your friends, and eating lunch. Sometimes I feel you go to school only to eat lunch. haha. You love the park time there and I am happy that you are having a great time at school.

You are so caring and generous and take care of everyone. You let me sleep for some extra time during weekends and then wake me up saying 5 mins are over mommy. Your witty remarks always make us all laugh so much. You are so observant and always act like you are a grown-up boy. You know what you need and are so perseverant about it. More than that we love how you keep trying till you achieve the end result. And then you yourself feel so proud of yourself.

You are such an intelligent kid. Can’t believe that my three years lold can now recite so many difficult mantras, the ones I learnt with you and didn’t know then when I was young. You love Hanuman ji. He is your favourite God and you love listening to Hanuman Chalisa every day. You still love your cars and right now Mercedes is your favourite. There are so many other wonderful things which I can’t recall because I am all excited for tomorrow 🙂

I am so proud of you my child. On your third birthday, I want to tell you that Mama and Papa love you and will always do. We want to give you the wings to fly and achieve your goals in life. We will always support you and help you learn at every step. We have big plans for you for the coming year and Papa wants to make up for all the time that he has been away this year. May God bless you Always,



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