October 22, 2021

Letter to my Son on his Second Birthday !

second birthday

Dear Son,

As the morning sunlight enters our room, you will turn two years old and on your second birthday I would love to write this letter to you which you can read when you grow up. I still remember the day when the nurse brought you to me, wrapped in the  yellow dress and I touched your feathery soft skin. I was crying out of joy and all I wanted to do was cuddle you and fill your cheeks will kisses.

These two years have been the best years of my life. You know why? Because I have been through so many emotions after having you that I couldn’t have otherwise. You have inspired me to be a good mother and a good human being. I strive hard to do the best because I know you are watching.

This year has been very different from the first year. The first few months after you were born are hazy because I was finding it so difficult to cope up with motherhood. And things became better soon. You started smiling and responding to cues. I learnt your pattern and everything fell in place. We knew this in the first year that you are a strong willed child. You made sure what you wanted to do and you never left it undone. You still do not sleep well and haven’t slept through the night. Which means mama wakes up to feed you every 2-3 hours and every hour on some nights. Hope that you become a better sleeper this year 🙂

second birthday

We went for our first international vacation to New York with you and had so much fun. You loved visiting new places and trying out new dishes. This definitely means that you love exploring new destinations and we are excited for our next vacation abroad.

Now that it’s your second birthday, you are not a baby but a beautiful human being who has such a lovely personality. You are a happy child who is curious about everything. You are such a great learner and you leave us in awe the way you learn everything so quickly. We are so so proud of you. We love you not because you are our son, but you are an amazing person yourself. You melt our hearts with your mischievous smile and your cute little conversations. I love the way you pronounce words and then correct them yourself.

You love reading your books all the time. You are a proud owner of so many amazing books already. You love dancing and bunny hopping and that’s what you have been doing these past few weeks.

second birthday

Soon you will start going to pre-school, make new friends and keep growing up. There will be a time when you wouldn’t need me anymore and I have a bitter sweet feeling about that. As much as I want you to be my sweet little boy, I also want you to be an independent child. I think motherhood is confusing !

This year, we also lost our badi mumma whom you called “Goko’ very fondly. You two had a beautiful bond ever since you were born. I remember how peacefully you used to sit in her lap and listen to her everyday stories while I took a quick bathroom break. We met her a month before she passed away and she did hear your sweet talks and funny little activities. She is definitely sending her blessing to you on your birthday from up above. Though you might not remember her when you grow up, but I will keep reminding you of the way you used to play with her all the time, show you the videos and I am sure you will remember her too.

So, my sunshine, on your second birthday, I would only wish the best for you. May you always be this curious child who loves his books and learning new things everyday. Stay blessed my whole heart.



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18 thoughts on “Letter to my Son on his Second Birthday !

  1. What a heartfelt post! Totally loved reading it! I haven’t ever thought of doing this 🙂 I should get to it.

    Happiest Birthday little wonder <3 Wishing you love and happiness always!

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