October 22, 2021

Learning Journeys Integrated into Playtime


Learning Journeys Integrated into Playtime

Arriving at a destination is not as important as the journey taken. Hurrying to reach the destination should not be the aim. Rather learning at every step of the journey from the mistakes made is far more critical. In a similar way, when a child wants to achieve “something”, their journey needs to be given a lot of importance.

How does a little child go about learning to add 2 numbers ? Of course by 2+3=5, but how did the child get there?

  • Did we give them the answer just to help him/her out?
  • Did they hear the answer and memorise it?
  • Did they read it in a book, wrote it 5 times and it became a fact?
  • Did they first learn how to count? Then practised it by counting different things. Counted 2 and 3 and together reached to 5. And while they did that, they made many mistakes but learnt after each of them

We can see that a different group of learners emerged from each route taken. And the last group of learners would come out to be the most confident and the wisest. Why? Because their journey has been the most meaningful and enriching and helped them gain particular understanding at each step.

For little children, learning and happiness comes from doing an activity and not by completing it and finding the final outcome. They always focus on the process instead of the outcome.

Learning Journeys Integrated into Playtime

When children engage voluntarily in purposeful activities, best learning occurs. If we give them a right types of tools, they will surely learn at each stage and reach the final solution in a better way. A child may simultaneously be on the following journeys at the same time :

  • Learning to read three or four letters words
  • Trying to use two hands for activities
  • Becoming aware of the concept of cause and effect
  • Trying to familiarise with the sequence of numbers

Learning Journeys

Each child is unique and so is his/her way to start and move through these journeys. Learning involves a series of steps and at this each step a child learns a different concept. Every learning journey offered Skola Toys systematically takes a child through a series of experiences that are cumulatively challenging and enables him/her to learn and discover something new at each stage. There are relevant toys at every stage which challenges them in an interesting way.
An example of a Skola learning journey is:

Learning Journeys Integrated into Playtime

You may visit Skola Toys to understand children’s learning journeys and check out various toys that facilitate incremental learning.
These toys enable our children to play, explore and discover through “Learning Journeys designed as Play “

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45 thoughts on “Learning Journeys Integrated into Playtime

  1. It’s always when you do something voluntarily than you make the most of it. If you don’t want to learn, you won’t learn even forced. And that’s great that games can be turned into learning opportunities!

  2. Utilising time in a correct manner by engaging the child to play along with the purpose of making them learn is what every Mom thinks about, will surely get these for my niece!

  3. I have taught and encouraged my children. I enjoy it and they do as well. They ask questions because they want to know, because they are slowly putting together a puzzle and curiosity is how they learn. These toys look great and something my son would enjoy.

  4. I like the idea of learning through activities. Sometimes learning and homework can cause lots of frustration in my home. I love how you remember each child and their journey in learning is unique!

  5. As a new mom I have a lot of learning to do to help my kid learn the right way. It’s fun to see how she learns through her toys, it makes me a kid again 🙂

  6. I always believe that it’s easier to learn if you are having fun. This is innovative and exciting. I can tell everyone would love this

  7. I completely agree.. learning while having fun is easy.. and what you learn then, you actually remember later! Skola is really a good brand!

  8. I agree that learning as a journey. I like these toys, it will really help in the child’s learning time while having fun.

  9. You’re absolutely right – when children engage in purposeful activities they learn a lot. And the wonderful thing about that approach is that they don’t even realize they are learning – it’s just so organic!

  10. This is awesome information for parents of little ones. Learning is a journey and Skola Toys seems to have amazing learning toys. Children I believe learn from play when they are little. Thanks for sharing these awesome toys and the information.

  11. I completely agree with you on this. Learning should be fun especially for the kids and it should never be forced!

  12. Playtime is so essential for a child’s learning. I think sometimes it is overlooked at just how important it is.

  13. great toys. it’s always best when kids are learning while playing. if they don’t think it’s work/learning it makes it easier for them to retain the information.

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