October 22, 2021

Dont Let Anybody Kiss Your Newborn Baby

Visitors, please do not kiss a newborn baby ! I repeat never kiss a newborn baby !

Last year, An 18 days old Baby Mariana passed away after being diagnosed with meningitis. That was a complication of HSV1 ( Herpes Simplex Virus type 1). And how did she get the virus? By an innocent kiss from someone who was a carrier of the virus. This took the internet by storm. A simple kiss led to this unfortunate and heart breaking incident. Meningitis cause by herpes is rare(1 in 1000 live births) but this can be devastating if it does occur.

K for Kiss Me Not, Don’t Kiss a Newborn Baby

Babies have an immature immune system. Thus, bacteria and viruses that cause mild illness in adults and children may cause sever illness in the babies. There are many people who find the 40 days confinement period illogical. But this is one of the reasons why a newborn baby is not allowed to come in contact with outside people till he is 40 days of age. Of course, we need to be cautious all the time. There should be strict guidelines for the people who visit the hospital to see the baby. And care should be taken that if anyone has a slight symptom of any illness, they should avoid visiting.

Dont Kiss a Newborn Baby

Here are a few guidelines for new parents :

  1. Everyone should wash their hands with soap before touching the baby.
  2. Someone who has symptoms of cold, fever or any other illness should refrain from visiting the baby. Someone who has cold sore should not kiss the baby at all.
  3. Family members who are fit can kiss the baby on the bottom of the feet or back of the head. Avoid kissing on face or hands.
  4. Check any signs of HSV infections in newborns.
  5. Get your flu shots, in fact flu shots should be taken by close family members who stay close to the baby all the time.

It is Okay to be Rude

I know we sometimes feel that it would be rude if we prompt someone to not kiss the baby. But it is okay to be rude when it comes to your little darling whom you have nurtured for nine months inside your body. Nothing comes before his health and well being.

More about Baby Mariana from her mother.

Dont Kiss a Newborn Baby

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6 thoughts on “Dont Let Anybody Kiss Your Newborn Baby

  1. Babies are downright delicious. Those round, soft cheeks. The soft tufts of hair. That fresh smell. I strongly believe in your words. Don’t kiss the baby. Just don’t do it. For that matter, don’t let the baby suck on your fingers. Don’t cough or sneeze on the baby. In fact, for the love of all that is holy, just stay away if you’re sick. No one likes to be sneezed on, let alone a new mom and her tender little baby. This isn’t a permanent moratorium against kisses, of course. Once a baby has been vaccinated and has a chance to build up their immune system, germ protection protocol is a bit more flexible. I mean, within a few months, the baby will be licking the kitchen floor as he crawls across it.

  2. Of late, I have been called rude & arrogant when I don’t let anyone touch my 6 month old kid. My kid is small and is sensitive to any infection. But people do not understand that! Just few days back my kid was unwell, still an over enthusiastic neighbor in the elevator could not keep her hands off my child. 🙁
    I have the right to protect my child.

  3. I am so glad you posted this. I have had to tell parents that their kids with colds can’t visit my kids because my husband is on chemo and immunodeficient. They usually understand, but it’s still hard to do. I remind myself of the consequences if he were to get sick and it gives me the courage to be “rude.”

  4. I strongly believe we need to properly respect a child’s right to good health. Tiny babies are unimmunised against most of the germs which are around us and them. A funny runny nose or an ugly sore on our lip, can be a matter of life and death to the baby and his/her family. I think no one should make you feel guilty for expressing caution or being rude. There are other ways to show affection other than kissing new borns.

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