October 27, 2021

Why do I still Fast on Karwachauth

Karwachauth always brings back fond memories. I remember the excitement of getting mehendi (henna) on my hands, imitating my mom, eating fenniyan (vermicilli made in desi ghee especially for this festival). And the best part was listening to my grandmother reciting the story behind this festival every year and all the women (including my mom) dressed up, listening to her patiently.

As I grew up and started understanding the logic behind this festival, I was confused on how all the educated ladies believed that a fast could actually help their husbands have a long life? I do not wish to offend anyone because coming from a very God fearing family, there are so many other fasts and rituals that I am a part of without understanding the logic behind them. Yes, we believe in all these festivals because we fear what may happen if we don’t abide by their rules. And again, I am one of that scared lot.

When I got married, my mother in law was too kind to give me the freedom of choosing whatever rituals I wanted to follow. She has never fasted for Karwachauth and left it on my discretion to choose if I wanted to or not. But I still chose to continue this tradition, why?

I feel closer to my mom

As kids we always want to be like our mothers. Having seen this festival so closely, I feel very close to her when I myself fast the way she does. In fact, last year on Karwacahuth, I was with her and woke up with to eat before sunrise.

Why do I still Fast on Karwachauth
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I love dressing up

I am a minimalist when it comes to getting ready and wearing make up. After becoming a mom the dressing up has actually reduced a lot and I do not want to let go of any day which forces me to get ready and get out of my PJs.

Why do I still Fast on Karwachauth
Karwachauth 2015


I love the smell of fresh henna on my hands. I don’t care what colour it leaves but it make you look so beautiful.

Why do I still Fast on Karwachauth
Karwachauth 2015

My husband fasts with me

Or at least skips a meal because he knows that I am hungry(which I don’t want him to). He has never witnessed this festival while growing up and pays lot of attention to all the details. So I like his participation.

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I may be actively participating in these rituals but I made a promise to myself that I would never encourage or force my kids to believe in anything that I do. I want them to take their own decisions and would respect every decision that they take for themselves. Also, I would never encourage anyone who is unwell to fast. Health is wealth and I am sure your husbands wouldn’t want an ill wife not eating anything and worsening her health.

I have been reading so many tips for pregnant women for Karwachauth. Dear expecting mothers, please do not burden your bodies by fasting. Your baby needs a lot of nutrition from you and by fasting you are putting your own health and that of your baby in danger.

PS:  Apologies if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I have no grudge regarding any festival or ritual. All these opinions reflect my personal experiences

Do you fast on Karwachauth? Why or why not?

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42 thoughts on “Why do I still Fast on Karwachauth

  1. Happy Karva Chauth Anchal. Loved tour take on Karva Chauth. I truly respect your thoughts on not pressurising your kids to do Karva chauth. I believe that we should do fasting or any other ritual when we really want to do it from the bottom of our heart.

    Btw, loved your saree. 🙂

  2. While I obviously don’t fast on karvachauth (seeing my shape, people would wonder if I fast while sleeping!), I love the point you raised – that while you do it by choice, you would never force or judge others for theirs – thats all that really matters in the end. Explain to them and allow them the freedom of choice

  3. That’s fair – to do something of your own free will. I see a lot of young mom’s having a great time fasting. They put mehendi, dress up, pamper themselves at the parlour or go for a film. To each his/her own -as long as you don’t judge another person for not being like you, that’s all that matters.

  4. I loved reading this…post so muchj. I love to dress up too. And, I understand how it would make you feel closer to your mum.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love the henna and the beautiful outfit that you were wearing. I’m glad that your husband fasts with you and that your mother in law is so supportive.

  6. Anchal that saree ❤️ You look lovely. I just love the rituals. It’s all so meaningful and all of you enjoy it so well. We have different kind of ritual which is similar to karvachauth.

  7. I do fast for Karwa Chauth. I started it because I saw every married lady around me doing it and saw no reason why not to. Yes, fasting doesn’t prolong a husband’s life but I believe that it does strengthen their bond in a way.

  8. Happy Karwa Chauth Anchal! I like it that you are keeping it honest and simple. And true. Yes, we follow do many rituals because we fear the what ifs…It is only fair to not force our beliefs on anyone though, even our own children. Nicely written.

  9. In south India, we don’t practice karva chaut but we have some pooja similar to this. I always consider festivals a good time to improve bond in family and feel grateful to God. So, I follow all ritials but don’t fast.

  10. We do fast Karwachauth in our family. And I love the rituals. Getting ready once a year like a new bride gives me an amazing feeling 🙂 I loved your post.

  11. I can never fast and so I really respect all the women and their husbands also who fast alongwith them. I guess we should never judge anyone on faith. It’s a belief they follow, to each its own. Btw, you look so pretty in sari, Anchal!

  12. Every year I desperately wait for karwachauth. I love to dress up every year like a newly bride with mehndi and Beautiful bangles. Loved reading your post. And that sounds good that your husband also fast with you.

  13. I can very well relate to each and every point of yours. I simply love Karwachauth. It makes me feel special.

  14. To each, her own. I liked that your views are yours and that you have been open about it. I have fasted twice in a marriage of 7 years.
    My mum doesn’t follow the ritual and mum in law never forced. First time for sheer excitement and second was going with the flow. The second time I realised I’m not someone who can do without food and water so I let go the idea 😉
    Btw- lovely picture from 2015. The pink suits you so well 🙂

  15. Wish you a very happy karvachauth..yes some times it feels good to dress up traditionally and show our love for better half. Great that he joins you in the fast!

  16. I come from a god fearing mother and a liberal father… But honestly I am agnostic since my childhood..Ii am going to get married into a Bengali family but i really dream of fasting on karwachauth because I find it really really romantic!

  17. Anchal, wish you a happy Karva chauth. I used to fast till about 7 years back. I did it out of my choice and stopped when I couldn’t stay without food and water for the whole day. My mother was shocked but my mother in law understood my reasoning. Thank god for supportive loved ones. Each to her own…live and let live 🙂

  18. This is a beautiful post that you have put up. es fasting on Karwa Chauth really does make me too feel closer to my mom. You look amazing in the pink Saree!

  19. In Kerala We don’t celebrate Karwachauth. As you said, to each their own. Customs and traditions should not be forced on someone. I loved how you said that you want your kids to make their own decisions instead of forcing them to follow what you believe in. We need more people like you in this world, Anchal. 😀

  20. I guess I follow this ritual for same reasons…basically I fast to purify myself. Keeping any negative thoughts aside, I feel is the main idea behind fasting. Loved your take…Happy karvachauth.

  21. You look absolutely gorgeous in all the captures. I loved your take on fasting on karwachauth. I was never fond of this ritual as my mom did not observe this fast. However, post marriage I became fan of this as in my in-laws place it is celebrated really well.

  22. Rituals like these are fun- the preparation, the day and the dinner. I like the way you’ve expressed why you like this festival, considering ‘feminists’ these days are up in arms against Karvachauth!

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