March 29, 2023

Interview with Parenting Coach, Nivedita Garg

parenting coach

Nivedita is a parenting coach and in this interview we will try understand what she does and how helpful her coaching can be for the parents. Also more details about her “14 Days Yes Challenge !”

1) Hello Nivedita, Thank you so much for taking out time for this interview. Please tell us about yourself and what you do?

Thank you Anchal for giving me this opportunity. I am Nivedita Garg, the founder of and a passionate parenting coach. My aim is to ensure a joyous experience for both parents and children, so they have a beautiful parenthood and childhood! It breaks my heart to hear parents worry and beat themselves up when they make mistakes, or when they feel it’s a trade off between discipline and fun! Why!it doesn’t have to be! that’s why I teamed up with other Parenting coaches to create special bespoke plans for you – For parents that want to be the best parent they can.

Parenting coach

2) Why did you chose this profession? What are your credentials?

I chose this profession only because I believe every parent child relationship is the foundation of ones life. And this needs to be set right from the beginning. We are not giving enough respect, reverence, true love or affection to our children. Parenting is a role, which really needs to be understood, but most often we become robots- get up in the morning, wake our child up, feed them, get then dressed, send them to school, get their homework and done! I want to spread awareness about the real sense of parenting.

I have completed an Everyday parenting from prestigious Yale University, USA. I am a Teacher of Infant siddha program (parenting course, Mumbai). I am also a Coach for teaching specially abled children through empowering and accelerated learning, Bangalore and a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro linguistic program) for coaching and empowering, students, parents and children, USA. I use play to teach kids. Also a Trainer for goal settings and accomplishing the goals for corporates using NLP, I help parents ease out their stressful days!

3) You have helped so many parents through your profession. What has been the most difficult case for you? And how did you handle it?

Honestly, The experience I’m going to share, taught me that what may be a difficult situation for us may actually not be difficult for us, but for the other person ! So a mother came to me saying she’s tired, devastated with her kid. He was a different child in the sense, he was hyperactive, would not sit in one place, very aggressive. His mother used to think he’s a mini monster. He keeps getting complaints from school, hits people, doesn’t listen to anyone, says anything to anybody, doesn’t want to study, and the list went on. So when I went deeper into the problem I realised that it was not the mother ,but it was the child who was suffering. He was so emotionally misunderstood that he became aggressive. The atmosphere around him made him the way he was. It was not his nature. The mom wanted him to be like other kids but he was different. When I got into the case the solution was simple-He had a very high naturalistic and kinaesthetic intelligence(there are 8 types of intelligence). Once we made the mom became aware about this, the whole dynamic in the relationship changed. The next time he would not sit in once place to study, we made him sit in the garden, gave him rocks and made him solve math sums. The kid who scored 3 on 10 was suddenly without extra effort scoring 8 out of 10. Within 1 week. All that was required was for the parent to understand who their child really is, this made him so happy, he never hit anyone after that and is now a playful and curious child!

So I would not say it was so difficult for me, but it was more difficult for the child!he was the one truly suffering. 

4) Tell us about your “14 Days Say Yes Challenge”.

It’s a challenge to get moms to understand why things don’t go their way in the house. It will help them understand how to solve certain issues they are facing. It will allow them to discipline their child and yet have a strong emotional bond with them. Everyday they get a new technique to try at home with their kids. everyday is like a new puzzle piece unlocked, and as they go along, they will see the entire picture which will give them a sense of fulfilment in their Parenting journey. For instance, we scream, shout, say things a 100 times and kids not listening. Finally anger for some, time out for others normally solves the issue. But this solves it only temporarily and leaves a negative imprint in the child’s heart and mind. The day to day issues such as kids not listening to them, throwing tantrums, stubbornness and other things have to be handled in the right way to actually get the desired result yet without effecting the child negatively in any way. And that is what this challenge will help in.

Parenting coach

5) How do you think your expertise can help our readers?

It will allow them to vent their issues out, have a listening hear. And moreover they will find an expert advice on how they can solve their parenting challenges smoothly and so the child actually flourishes in the long run. It will provide a platform for both the child and mother to be happy.

You can reach Nivedita at the number mentioned in the image and I am sure she would be of great help to the parents who are finding some difficulties in their parenting journey.

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