October 22, 2021

Why “Me Time” is Important for Mothers

me time

I forgot about “me time” as soon as I became a mother. It takes time to get your groove back. For the first few months my attention and energy was totally focussed on my newborn baby. I couldn’t think of anything else except his routine. I felt guilty when I went for a salon visit after almost 3-4 months. And during that one hour,  I was again worried what my baby was doing or if he was happy with my mum. We forget about ourselves when we become mothers and in the long run, that is very unhealthy.

M for Me Time

We must not be guilty of the “me time” that we can find in the whole day. And most of the time we are unable to find time, we need to make time for ourselves. Being a mother is an important job though the most demanding job. But why should our own happiness take  back seat when we become mothers? Everyone needs to break the routine to revitalise themselves.

Why is Me Time so important?

  • You cannot give your 100% to your family when you are not in the right frame of mind. Taking some time off re-energizes you. It allows you to think clearly and take better decisions.
  • It makes you a better parent because it helps you keep your frustrations at bay. If you become a better parent, you will be very happy.
  • You show a good example to your kids when you take care of yourself
  • It would help you destress and make you sleep better.

How to make time for “Me Time”?

Ask your husband to watch the kid/s for some time and go out to do what refreshes you. Go for a lunch with your friends or shop till you drop. Get a spa or a body massage. If you don’t want to head out, wake up earlier than usual and do some meditation. Or read a book or watch a TV show when your baby naps. I would say take out some time every day when you do something you love.

Whatever you choose to do, keep your worries at the bay and have a great time. And soon you will see the transformation. Personally I started going out once a week over the weekend while my husband watches our son. I write almost every other day, and that the way I destress myself. These little things we do for ourselves, help us to become better and happier parents.

Importance of Me Time for Mothers


4 thoughts on “Why “Me Time” is Important for Mothers

  1. I just love ME time as he …my hubby gives me that once a week to go and enjoy …I love that time

  2. my me time is very important. i have started to practice this of late only. always been clinging with family and realised i need some time for myself.

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