January 19, 2022

G for Generation Gap | Let’s work on Bridging it

G for Generation Gap

Generation gap exists between any two generations. There is a huge difference in lifestyles and habits between different generations. There are times when our parents feel that they cannot understand us at all and I am sure we would be at the same stage some day in the future.

G for Generation Gap

There is a huge difference in the way my mom and I react in a particular situation. I always feel that her generation was more conservative and believed in so many myths which are vague in my generation. Her generation did not have much access to information and they relied upon word of mouth mostly. My generation has the power of internet and thank to it, information is now available on the internet. I am from the generation which loves taking risks and owning up to their decisions. There can be a lot of conflicts between people who belong to different generations.

Our parenting styles are different. I feel I am more flexible when it comes to my child as compared to my parents. The clash in opinions can sometimes be harsh on the parent-child relationship. We have already learnt how to take care of this conflict with our parents, but we do not know what future holds for us. How the world would be 20 years from now when my son turns to be an adolescent or an adult?

How to Bridge the Generation Gap

Stay open minded

Open mindedness helps us in looking at things with a new perspective. If we are stubborn and do not wish to understand things from the kid’s point of view, we would never be able to understand how they feel about certain situations.

Affective Communication

Communicate your concerns with your child and respect his decisions. This is an important link to bridge the generation gap. Have a good rapport with your child so that he does not hesitate to talk his heart our to you.

Give Respect

We need to respect our children. After all they have their own identity. We need to respect their decisions even when we feel they are wrong. Of course we should help them make the right decision but we ay let them learn the harder way sometimes.


We need to accept the fact that the way things worked at our times would be different than how they would work in the coming generations.

Both the parent and the child need to work on how to take care of this gap. We must not push our child beyond his limits. Have  healthy relationship with your child and learn and appreciate their needs and situations from their perspective. You’re never too old to learn a new thing or two.

Children at the same time should also be understanding and respectful towards their parents. Don’t feel ashamed of your parents if they do not know how to use a particular device or have different ideologies than you do. The learning and appreciation works both ways. Remember, they lived in a different world than yours.

G for Generation Gap

This blog is a part of my series on A-Z of Parenting, Unlearn the Alphabets after becoming parents and Blogchatter AtoZ.

8 thoughts on “G for Generation Gap | Let’s work on Bridging it

  1. I agree. There is always a gap between generations. I do think that one of the greatest generations was the WWII generation. There are not many people left. Their willingness to fight for our country and to go over to fight in another country was brave. I admire their selflessness. I am not so sure we have the same kind of character and integrity in this generation.

  2. Each generation has there own way of tackling things. And our kids they have more readily access to luxuries than us & so are more carefree. Its our job as a parent to teach them how to respect our differences and still let them be their own person.

  3. That’s some food for thought. I think more than generation gap, it’s the level of knowledge and exposure that we as a generation has; which is far more than the previous generation. Similarly, our next generation will be even smarter. Bridging the gap is a mutual effort. THere should be communication and acceptance from both the sides.

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