December 8, 2019

Play Date for Kids : Tips to Host a Perfect One

play date tips

‘Play dates’ did not exist while I was growing up. The only get togethers I remember were during a friend’s birthday. and thats all. Nowadays, we mostly live in nuclear families. Because of that, our kids are not able to come in contact with the kids of their own age. Kids learn so many new things while being with other kids. And that makes these dates so necessary. These play dates are a good time for moms to catch up too. Hosting a play date can put a lot of pressure on you. Deciding what to prepare to eat, how to manage the toys and a long list of other things. So don’t sweat out if you decide to host a play date. Here are a few tips to ace as a host 🙂

1)Choose the best time for the play date

All the children have different eating and napping schedules. Still pick a time when most the kids will be rested and in a good mood to socialise. Try to limit the duration of the play date according to your convenience.

2) Keep the number of kids limited

We have heard the saying, “the more, the merrier”. But it does not work in this case. If it is your first play date, start with a small number of kids, say five. More the number of kids, more difficult it will be take care of them and cater to everyone’s needs. If you feel you can accommodate more families after your first, you may expand the number. Also, try to invite the families with whom you are acquainted with. That way the kids will feel more comfortable and so will you.

Tips to host the perfect play date

3) Plan in advance and keep it simple

Planning in advance can help to avoid the last minute troubles. Carefully choose the agenda of the play date and the toys and games to be offered.

Keep the snacks simple. You wouldn’t want to be trapped in the kitchen all the time. Prepare something which is tasty and healthy and yet does not require too much preparation time. Adults can have the same snacks with tea or coffee.

4) Rent a play zone 

Chandamama World provides a play zone for kids for rent, at home or at other outdoor locations. They create a fun play zone with the rented inflatables, monitor kids and let them have some pure fun, all at your doorstep. They customise the play zone according to your requirements which is created using sanitised equipments and amazing toys. You can choose the toys which suit the age group of the kids invited and help the kids have a fun and a learning play time. Their specially trained staff takes care of the play zone so that you might enjoy the party yourself and all this at affordable prices. ! Isn’t that a great idea for both kids and mamas? 

5) Relax and have fun

You should not drain yourself being a host and remember you need the date as much as your kid does. So keep all these pints in mind while preparing to host a date. Enjoy your time with other mothers and share your stories, click pictures and have a great time. This is best time to unwind, hence, get the best out of it.

Play date tips

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21 thoughts on “Play Date for Kids : Tips to Host a Perfect One

  1. These are some great tips to host a perfect play date. I will definitely save this for my references I always wanted to try a hosting a play party for kids.

  2. Play dates are a lot of fun especially since you are interacting with moms who are in the same phase as you and there are so many things to talk about ad share while the kids too are busy with their friends.. these are some amazing tips

  3. The play area at chandamama looks really kid friendly! I loved all your tips especially about calling less families and keeping snacks simple!

  4. I really wish we had play dates too it’s sounds so funfull, the only times friends would get together was birthdays or special occasions.. Love the idea of play dates

  5. Play dates are tiring for moms for the planning required and the need to keep kids busy. This sounds like a good idea to let kids play on their own, get tired, eat and then sleep!

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