March 29, 2023

Best Homemade Cereal Powder for Babies

Being mothers, our foremost priority is the health and nutrition of our babies. We are all sorted out till six months till our babies are only fed milk but as soon as they hit the six month mark, our real ordeal begins. What should we feed them? Will they be able to digest it? And if we have fussy eaters, it gets difficult to create a new recipe everyday. Then comes the question of feeding cereals. There are so many school of thoughts. Some moms start with ready made cereals and some skip it and directly start giving vegetables and fruit purees. And some give homemade cereal.

I came across the recipe of this homemade cereal. It is easy, convenient and very healthy. As it is made at home, no preservatives are required. This cereal can be the perfect choice for the babies because it is loaded with nutrition.

Ingredients :

White Rice  : 1 cup

Moong Dal (Yellow petit lentils) : 1 cup

Split Green Moong Dal :  1/2cup

Sabudana (Tapioca Pearls) : 1/2 cup

Cumin seeds : 1/2 Tbsp


1) Wash the ingredients (except the cumin seeds) and let the dry in the air or sunlight (Separately)

Best Homemade Cereal Powder for Babies

2) Once dried dry roast them separately in a thick bottomed pan till for 5-10 minutes and keep stirring the ingredients. Cook until you can smell the aroma of roasted pulses.

Best Homemade Cereal Powder for Babies

3) Let them cool down a bit and dry roast the cumin seeds. Mix the roasted cumin seeds with the roasted mixture.

4) Once they have cooled down, grind the mixture into fine powder.

5) Store it in an airtight jar for use.

Best Homemade Cereal Powder for Babies

How to cook the Homemade Cereal

1) Take a cup of water and 1 tbsp powder to it.

2) Mix the powder in water and make sure no lumps are formed.

3) Cook this mixture at a medium flame for 5-10 minuted depending upon the consistency desired.

Best Homemade Cereal Powder for Babies

4) Serve after checking the temperature. And an easy homemade cereal is here ! It looks a lot like sooji halwa, but of course tastes different.

Notes :

  • Add desi ghee or butter before serving.
  • Can serve with curd as it enhances the taste.
  • Cooked vegetables can be added to the cereal only after vegetables have been introduced to the baby.
  • Vegetable purees can also be added to this cereal.

Best Homemade Cereal Powder for Babies

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below. I would love to hear your feed back once you try this recipe.


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65 thoughts on “Best Homemade Cereal Powder for Babies

    1. Totally. Thats is exactly when I introduced it to my son. Just make sure that the powder is finely ground and you can keep the consistency accordingly.

  1. When N was just a year old, I carried this homemade cereal along for a holiday and it was really a lifesaver for the times when he rejected the hotel food. Although I used only daals and rice. Sabudana is a nice addition

  2. Oh that’s an easy alternative over ARFs. I’ll share the ARF recipe soon, but this option is awesome too! Thanks for sharing Anchal

  3. That looks like a good recipe for baby cereal. We ended up skipping baby cereal with all three kids, I didn’t love the options available to buy and ended up just putting fruits and veggies in a mesh pouch for them to chew on. Your recipe seems like a good starter food with some actual nutrients

  4. I myself introduced home made cereal only to my son once he was 6 months old. Somehow I never felt the need or comfort to introduce packaged cereal food to him. Homemade is best and this recipe is perfect for babies.

  5. you could also add some roasted dry fruits to this mix. I too used a home made cereal meal for my kids, and it was a real satisfaction that everything the baby is consuming has been prepared by me from scratch.

  6. Store bought baby cereal is so expensive and it never seems to be of quality nutrition. I never thought of making my own when my kids were babies, but this looks like a great alternative!

  7. While reading the recipe, I remembered my question “can I go prepare her homemade cereal?” I asked to my daughter’s pediatrician when I started solids for her. This diy cereal is very filling and a good introduction to lentils and rice.

  8. My mom made our baby food when I was little and so was my brother and she would make homemade baby cereal. This totally brought me back to those days.

  9. Lovely post anchal. I made all my daughters cereal back in the US as I had no help. So informative and helpful for all the new mommies out there

  10. Home made cereals are best for babies. I make some thing similar without sabudana and add few more days. This also sounds good. Would try it

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