October 22, 2021

Himalaya FootCare Cream Review

Himalaya FootCare Cream

Being a mom to a toddler is not an easy job. You literally are on your toes all day long. We now have shoe free indoors because we are trying our best to keep the germs and infections away. That means staying bare feet for most of the time. I realised my heels became cracked and dry because of this. And I was not able to take care of them. I started using the Himalaya FootCare Cream since a few weeks and it has helped heel my cracked heels a lot.

Himalaya FootCare Cream

Himalaya FootCare Cream Review

Key Ingredients:

Honey :  It possesses bactericidal and antiseptic properties . Used in a variety of medicines, honey is also an effective moisturising agent.

Turmeric : It has been used as an antiseptic for centuries. The herb also contains strong anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes the feet gently.

Sal Tree Extract :  It is used as an ingredient in ointments for skin diseases and in ear medicines. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help heal cracked heels.

Ginger : It is used externally as a local circulatory stimulant which keeps the feet warm, preventing the skin from cracking due to the cold.

Fenugreek : It is an excellent moisturiser, specially formulated to hydrate dry skin. Applied externally, the herb is also beneficial for boils, abscesses and ulcers.

Directions for use

Wash feet with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply the required quantity of FootCare Cream over the affected area twice daily, once in the morning after bathing and again at bedtime.

Where to buy

The cream comes in two packagings : 20g (INR 50) and 50g (INR 110) and can be bought online from their website. It is also available at various stores.

My Experience 

Himalaya FootCare Cream Review

It soothes the dry skin and helps in repairing the cracks. I used it before bed time after washing my feet with warm water and wore socks after applying the cream. I could see the difference within a few days itself. A very little quantity is required as the texture is thick. Loved the herbs that it contains. I would definitely recommend this to all of you.

What I loved

  • Herbal ingredients.
  • Thick texture. A little quantity required every time.
  • Affordable.
  • Travel friendly
  • Easily available

What I did not like

The fragrance is very strong. Though it fades away after some time.

Have you tried this  foot cream yet?


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16 thoughts on “Himalaya FootCare Cream Review

  1. It’s almost 2 yrs that I am going through cracked heels.. It started with my pregnancy and don’t know why nothing is working on it.. Will try out this cream too and hope it will work 🙈 Thanks for sharing about this product 😻

  2. Himalaya products are really awesome and affordable at the same time. I’ll add this for sure in my skincare products.

  3. I have been using this cream too, and it worked for me. Now I gifted one to my mum.she is struggling with cracked heals for many years.

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