March 29, 2023

Grandparents : Spend Time with Them, They’re Not Going to Live Forever


The most painful goodbyes are the ones which were never expressed. And losing a parent is the worst feeling in the world. November 2016, I lost my nana ji . He was an honest and a beautiful soul. My mother is the eldest daughter in her house and I was the eldest grand child. I was quite close to him. He was above 80 years and had many medical problems. My parents were always by his side to give him strength. We always thought that he will be fine. He fought the battle hard but succumbed to his weak ailing body in the end. My whole family was shattered.


No one was ready for this. I think no one is ever ready to let go of their parents. This sudden loss shook me inside out and made me ponder upon this cycle of life and death. I had recently given birth to my son and he was three months old when my Grandfather passed away. I felt guilty that I was so overwhelmed taking care of my baby that I forgot that there are other people in my life who wanted to be with me. Why didn’t I call him and ask about his health? He lived so close by, why didn’t I take out sometime and go to see him? Never told him how much I adored him. I was shy in showing my love to him.

I still remember the last time I met him, which was 3 weeks before his demise, he told stories about my childhood to my husband. There was a glow on his face when he narrated the funny incidence of making me lick Chawanprash. His eyes were shining brightly when he recalled that I never wanted to leave his house when I was a baby and I made my father drop me to his place in the middle of the night because I was missing him. I wish I could go back in time and re-live those moments again. But, that’s never going to happen.



Parents shield their children from the harsh world. Selflessly they nurture us and in return I think they only want out company. A phone call to say a quick hello or a small get together with them is all they need to thrive. And we children take them for granted. We are so busy in our world that we forget that the people who gave birth to us have been dying to spend time with us. All they need is our love and care and a little attention.

So dear readers, take out sometime from your busy day and call your parents and grandparents . Tell them how much you love them and what they mean to you. Ask them how their day was and tell them how you spent yours. It is very much possible that someday when you want to be with them, they won’t be waiting for you anymore.

23 thoughts on “Grandparents : Spend Time with Them, They’re Not Going to Live Forever

  1. Your post on your grandpa touched a cord with me. It makes me reflect more about my mother, now 69. She’s been a widow for 28 years and it amazes how she has managed all this time. At the my father died, I had just turned 16 and still in school. Being the first born in a family of 8 brothers and 2 sisters, one can only imagine the kind of pressure my mom was going through to ensure everything was right for all of us.

    She regularly calls us, her children, now all adults. In fact, she calls more than we do. Your post actually helped me get more resolute on calling her more often she calls me. I realize now more than never before that I need to create time to visit. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

    1. Your reply brought me to tears. Your mother is very strong. God bless her. And yes, you should call her often. She needs a little attention and lots of love.

  2. My Mum’s parents died before I was born, her Mother by just a couple of days, my Dad’s Dad died when I was very young, I just about remember going to visit him in hospital, I know it was a hard decision for my parents to make as if to I should go, but because they took me I have memories. My Gran died a couple of years ago, she was the most amazing lady and I miss her so very much, I wish I had spent more time with her when she was alive.

  3. Your post touched my heart really deeply. I lost my grandmother less than 2 years ago and I still remember that phone call, that time on the clock and how I wished that it was just a nightmare. Her remember her voice, her face and her touch just like I met her yesterday. Thank you for sharing your story. Stay strong <3

  4. I lost my grandfather a few weeks ago. Although I did see him often, the guilty of not visiting one last time was rough. I will make it a point to visit my grandmother more often!

  5. It is so important to spend quality time with parents and grandparents. Although I am blessed to still have both of my parents, my husband no longer has his. And my precious, precious grandmother passed away a few years back. I cherish every single memory I made with my grandmother.

  6. what a beautiful and heart warming article! I do not have grandparents anymore but I get what you mean, I spend lots of lovely time now with my in-laws who I consider now as my grand parents. thank you for reminding us

  7. I’m sorry for your loss and I hope you guys feel better soon, I’m sure he is in a good place now. We never know when it’s going to be the last time we’re talking to someone that’s why we must always express what we feel for our love ones before it’s too late.

  8. Your post is so thoughtful to me. My grandpa has passed away for years and this made me really sad. Trully, as long as we can, give them the best we can do and spend times with them more, because when it happens we will regret if we did not do this before.

    Thank you so much for this sharing!

  9. I didn’t have grand parents growing up so I try to be a good one for my grand kids. Thanks for the reminder to call our parents and grandparents. I’ll call my parents today.

  10. There is seriously not enough time with them before they are gone. We try to spend as much time as we can with family.

  11. I know that I recently lost my mother and it has been such a hard time. I know that even though it was hard on me it was also hard on my children.

  12. I can totally relate to this. My grandmother died few years ago. She was very hands on in taking care of me as both of my parents are busy all the time. It’s painful especially you have good memories with them.

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