October 27, 2021

Fitness Journal – Week 4

It has been a month of my fitness journey and I am glad that I started this. I am happy to inspire so many mommies to eat healthy and add workouts to their daily routine. I want to thank you all for motivation me by leaving such amazing comments and being a part of my journey. Ayu is teething and I haven’t slept well since three days. Just hoping he gets some relief soon so that I can get some rest too. When I workout, I feel that I am not able to give my 100 % and that shows how important it is to have a good sleep. Read on to see how this week went.


I travelled to My mum’s place on Saturday and I am going to be here for a few weeks. And being at mom’s place means too much food on the plate. I am sure many of you will agree to this. Nonetheless I am still having flaxseeds in the morning and trying to replace tea/coffee with green tea. I had my dinner around 8.30 PM most of the days.



This week I managed to squeeze in two workouts (one and a half, one was cut short because of Ayu’s poop explosion). I went for a walk for three days. I did a bodyweight HIIT routine this week and I loved it. HIIT is the short form for High Intensity Interval Training. So, by interval we mean that the exercise is not continuous but in on and off format. For example my intervals were 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest. Such HIIT workouts are very quick and do not give much time to laze around while exercising and thus burn more calories. In addition to that, these workouts helps in faster toning. I am planning to include at least two HIIT workouts in a week.

Water Intake

I am planning to add this into my future fitness journals because hydration is very important for weight loss and good health. For me it is even more important because I am a breastfeeding mama too. Did you know drinking water also increases your metabolism? Water also helps in detoxifying the body. My hydration level was high this week owing to the hot weather.


Statistics after a month

I gained 0.4 kg this week. So overall I lost 0.7 kg in this month. I lost 2 inches from my waist and I am happy with that. Hope that I can keep up with my teething baby and fitness journey this coming month. Stay motivated friends ! We can do this.


35 thoughts on “Fitness Journal – Week 4

  1. Your workout is interesting. I do 3 days of Ashtang yoga & 3 days of strength training and have lost around 7 kgs in 5 months . And 2-3 inches from all the difficult areas hips, thighs, waist! Love reading your fitness journal as I relate to it.

    1. Wow. That is so inspiring. Getting a little difficult to keep the routine with 9 month old. But trying my best.

  2. I am at my mom’s place and completely agree to “too much food on plate” part. Your journal is motivating me too to start some fitness regime. Thank you for sharing this. @momtasticworld

  3. The only exercise I get right now is running behind a active toddler. And people are really complementing my shape. jokes apart – with a baby around, we eat very healthy now and lots of fruits. JUnk has been cut out a lot. This has helped lose weight.

  4. I was all with you till yesterday…but then I finished my healthy food plan as I slided on a plate of chole bature…But I am glad you inspired me till here… 🙂

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