October 22, 2021

My Fitness Journal

fitness journal

Hello everyone! Introducing a new series of posts. If you’re here from Instagram, you must have read a little about what this is about. So what is this weight loss series and why am I doing it? I have decided to kick start my fitness journey and make you all a part of it by logging my progress and diet here every week. This would be a big motivation for me to strive hard to achieve my goals and offer advice/support to people who are on the same fitness journey as mine. I am quite nervous because commitment towards health is a big task.

Why do I want to lose weight?

One line answer to this- To feel Fit and Strong.

Everyday I wake up feeling tired and sluggish. Mostly because of the sleepless nights and constant running around after the baby. To tell you the truth, I don’t have any ‘me’ time. And this is taking a toll on my health and moods. When I thought about my pre baby days and tried to find out what I was missing, I realised I missed working out. Going to the gym and sweating it out was a part of my life for a good 4 years before I had the baby. That was my happy place. 

Also, I want to fit into the favourite clothes from pre baby times. I am fed up of lounging around in my sweat pants all the time.

Earlier, my food and health choices only affected me, now I have a baby who watches me. And I want to teach him that healthy eating can also be a good lifestyle.

How do I plan to do it?

I am going to do mini workouts at least four times a week and go for a walk with the baby during the later part of the day. I cannot join the gym because I can’t spare the extra time for conveyance. Also, with the baby around, I cannot fix a time to go out. Exercising at home is cheaper and doable. I have been following this for a week now and hoping to see results at my Sunday weigh in. I can already feel the difference after three workouts. 

What are my goals?

My BMI (body mass index) right now is around 26 which comes under the category of overweight (I feel embarrassed to share that though). My short term goal is to bring this down to 25, which is a normal range, by the end of four months. I am also trying to add healthy snacks to my diet and cut back on sweets.

What can you expect from my fitness journal?

I will be weighing myself every Saturday and every Sunday I will share my progress with you all. I would also log what I ate that week and how much I exercised. I hope you will enjoy reading my journal and send across lots of love and encouragement.

Don’t miss the fun. and don’t forget to follow me.


34 thoughts on “My Fitness Journal

  1. Sounds cool! I’m also on the track of losing weight, have been seeing positive result for the last 2 months (though it’s pretty slow). let’s share our updates! 😊😊😊

  2. It’s never too late to start anything good. Keep up with your promise that you made to yourself. I am sure you will see the results soon.

  3. Taking the first step is most important! Will be looking forward to your journey and finding some inspiration myself 🙂

  4. You’re doing great here, I’m going to follow and you join you in your journey!

    If you’d like, I’m kinda doing the same thing with my blog, and we can be follow buddies if you want!

  5. Hey, this is awesome. Great job with your journal!

    I’m kinda doing the same thing on my blog. If you’d like, we can be follow buddies! We can keep each other supported and motivated!

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