October 27, 2021

Fitness Journal – Week 3

Here were are at the week 3 of my fitness journal. This week my journal will be different from previous ones because I am concentrating more on exercise. Though I am still tracking my diet. This whole month I am at my mum’s place and still settling down to the changed weather with the baby. So I am trying not to eat from outside. Also my aim would be to include lots of salads, sprouts and water in my diet. Let me shed some light on how my previous week went.

29th May to 3rd June

I had no takeaways or home deliveries. I made a change by adding a warm glass of water in the morning with a spoonful of flax seeds. Flaxseeds help in detoxification and digestion. There are many other ways in which you can include flaxseeds in your diet like adding to smoothies or sprinkling over salads. The second change I made was eating my dinner by 8.30 PM. Many nutritionists suggest to eat dinner by 7 so that there is enough time to digest it. But in my case it is quite impossible. Thus the earliest possible was 8.30. I will try to eat as early as 8 PM.

Fitness journal

This week I added a few weights to the lower body workout. I am concerned about my milk supply being affected by working out. And thus taking one step at a time. I loved using weights as it challenges your endurance and stability. I read that weight lifting helps in losing the fat faster this is because we lose more calories while lifting weights. Weight lifting also helps in building stronger bones. I did 2 rounds of weighted deadlifts and squats. Apart from this workout, I did a bodyweight upper body workout and two workouts for abs.


This week I lost 0.4 kg(0.8 pound). I was feeling quite upset after this weigh in. But when I measured  my stats, I found out that I’d lost an inch from my waist. And this motivated me to keep going and aim higher.


39 thoughts on “Fitness Journal – Week 3

  1. I was quite following a regime until Ramadan started !! But just not able to keep up right now ! In sha Allah will start soon !!

  2. Hey Anchal, I really liked the idea of tracking fitness on blog. Infact even am on a weight loss route these days and feel all the more motivated now . All the best and keep going.

  3. Anchal …I am glad to join to u ..this is my week 1 for excercing ..n hope every second or third week doesn’t turn out to be week 1 for me 😉 … Thanks for motivating me ..

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